With outsourcing is that you can choose developers from all over the world. Thanks to remote working, outsourcing has become a usual thing. The challenge to find the best tech is enormous because you have competition from all over the world. Read this article and learn more about outsourcing and why you should or shouldn’t do it.

How do you outsource an IT project? 

Choosing an Outsourcing partner for an IT project can be pretty tricky. It can save a lot of money for your company or go entirely wrong and develop bad products. The one common mistake the companies are making is that they always try to find the cheapest solution. This is absolutely wrong. You always have to find the best value for your money. Here are some tips on how to find the best outsourcing company for your business.

  • Fluent communication and workflow (this is a must – you have to speak the same language with your outsourcing partner)
  • Standardized security protocols (the only way for you to keep your company data and products safe)
  • Top talent software engineers (choose the region with the best developers)
  • Quality experience (make a complete background check of your partner)
  • Full range of services (be sure to have the same vision for the future with your partner)

You can outsource only parts of your IT project

An interesting fact about outsourcing is that you don’t need to outsource your whole project, but you can outsource only parts of the same. Depending on your project type, you can choose for which part of your project you need to outsource.

The most used types of IT outsourcing are:

  • Delivery teams (most used outsourcing type today)
  • Staff Augmentation (if you need to boost your team with some help, this is the perfect type of outsourcing for you)
  • Project-Based outsourcing (with project-based outsourcing, you outsource your whole project to your partner)

When should I outsource my IT project?

These are examples of when you should outsource your IT project.

  • When you lack in-house IT talent
  • When you need to fill specialized roles
  • When you are dealing with complex projects
  • When you are working with tight deadlines
  • When you need expert support and consulting
  • When you want to maximize cost-efficiency

What should be practiced for best outsourcing?

If you want to have a successful outsourcing outcome you should practice the following things:

  • Have clear goals
  • Set your priorities straight
  • Paint a clear picture
  • List all of your needs
  • Put everything on paper

A quick summary on this definitive guide to outsourcing IT projects in 2021

At the end of this article, we summed up the things you should focus on for outsourcing IT projects in 2021.

  • Define the objective
  • Choose your outsourcing partner wisely
  • Understand the different service models
  • Prioritize value, not costs
  • Communicate constantly
  • Ask questions
  • Demand cybersecurity
  • Put it all on paper