We, as developers, kept an eye on Kotlin all these years and are very excited about its adoption on Android. It is articulate, brief, but forceful at the same time and to us, it is a pleasure to use it. One of our main targets is to make the Android apps strong and performing and Kotlin allows us, having great safety components. But above all these, Kotlin can be operated with other Android languages. And for all these, we are really happy.

Kotlin can be defined as the one to bring all of the improvements of a fresh language to Android, without introducing other constraints.

There is always the concern of compatibility. But Kotlin is fully congruent with JDK 6, enabling it run on older Android devices with no problem. And we can start using Kotlin for your already existing apps, written in Java, beginning right now. Performance is no problem for it. Because it has similar bytecode as Java, it is its correspondent now. In some situations, code written using Lambda runs faster than the one written using Java. But they are not separate. Kotlin application enables us using existing Android libraries, thanks to its viability of working together with Java.

We believe that all these and the fact that it is well-known for being tool-friendly qualifies Kotlin as a great choice for Android. And we are not saying this because it offers developers what we need, but it also meets the Android enthusiasm.

Kotlin was developed in order to meet realistic expectations. It is created to solve our development issues. Before being launched, its creators worked on it having real businesses in mind. Therefore, it is not an application made from the books, it is the application made to serve the modern enterprise needs and help us provide you the best Android application you need.

Since now, big enterprises as Uber, Pinterest, Coursera and Atlassian gave their trusting vote to Kotlin. Some for their apps, some for internal tools, but all to make the user experience easier and better.

The next happy Android app users can be your customers and we can help you make them thrilled.