A lot has changed in the world of web design since the start of the internet. Social media makes the user even more important than before, with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube being user-driven websites that are more popular than today.

The user-driven websites are so competitive these days and everyone wants a piece of the pie. So your site must be flawless, almost perfect, because otherwise the users will choose from the multitude of other sites avalaible.

The main question after all this is: which content management system is the right choice when you want to build a user-driven website? WordPress is very easy to use and also powerful, with a flexible framework. Drupal and Joomla are kind of heavy on the memory, so where is the ideal choice?

Concrete5 comes in as a CMS designed for usability, from the development perspective and from the front-end one. It’s not as steep as Joomla and not so memory hungry as Drupal. It’s what we say “the best of both worlds”. But let’s dive in to see if it has advantages and disadvantages to be aware of, because this is a CMS with a good past and an astounding future ahead.

The pros of Concrete5:

  • Concrete5 is open-source, so you can distribute and modify the code as you please.
  • In Concrete5, you can drag and drop content blocks into the template itself, this meaning easy editing abilities and organizational features. the unique ability to drag and drop content blocks within a template, offering amazing organizational abilities and easy editing.
  • Concrete5 ensures your site’s position in Google, offering many SEO tools, adding Meta Descriptions etc.
  • When it comes to site permissions for different levels of admin, Concrete5 gives you the the ability to assign such permissions, so you can have control on what various admins can edit or not on the site.  

The cons of Concrete5 CMS

  • Concrete5 has a smaller community than any of the above mentioned CMS, so when you will have a question that needs an answer or help, it’s kind of difficult.
  • Althought Concrete5 has so many cool features, additional extensions or add-ons are available for purchase.

As far as it goes, Concrete5 is by far one of the most used and top content management systems out there, and it offers usability and high functionality. It may not be the best choice for everyone, and this is why we will offer all the help you will need.