There’s no secret anymore that outsourcing can be part of your business plan. We talked about it in previous articles and we mentioned its benefits, from cost savings to the best talent you can get. If you own a startup, keep in mind that you don’t need the risk of unqualified personnel and you must invest your money carefully, in the best development team.

Establish what your needs are

Time is really important, so you need to be specific about your business’ needs. During the needs assessment, decide what actions should you make in order to reach your goal. Be honest and write down where you are right now (competencies and resources) and where you should be. Then, you will have a clearer view on what you’re missing and can fill using outsourcing.

Before even hiring external developers, understand your business.

Determine what you need from a developer

The market is full of offers from developers ready to compete for your business, but don’t choose right away just because they are the cheapest. Developers who focus on delivering the cheapest result will probably give you more headaches.

So make sure you know the type of developer you want to work with. If you want an average result, that is fine, but don’t you want to work with a dedicated company who will work as an extension of your team?

Give details

In order to attract the developers you want, make sure you are specific in your description. Whether you want all your app to be developed by an outsourcing team or it is just a part that you need help with, giving details will save you time and will bring you only the candidates you want.

You can start as big as you want, starting from the screens of the app, for example and go as deep as you need, explaining little details as what happens if the user presses a certain button.

Learn about your developers

Let’s say that by this point you decided on two or three teams you can hire. Continue to be cautious and learn as much as you can about them. Search the internet for details about them, their work and experience, request references about other projects and look around for other companies you know that worked with them and ask for their feedback.

Meet your prospects

Once you have the shortlist, it is better to meet them in person, because they will be your remote team in the end. If you can’t do that, at least a video call will bring some closure between them and your business. At this point, make sure you meet with the developers who will work on your project and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.

Make clear the outsourcing team is not outsourcing

It is a common practice nowadays that your developers you hired to finish your project are themselves outsourcing your project. In order to ensure this won’t happen, ask for transparency regarding every aspect of the project.

These steps are meant to help you choose the best outsource team. If you need any help with your app development, give us a sign and let us help you reach your business’ potential!