1. Cultural match

Regardless of where your operations are based, Communication and collaboration will run smoothly when partnering with a Romanian company. Although the country has a slower-paced process of learning about the Western lifestyle and habits, it is now extremely open and knowledgeable. The EU played a great role in this, language barriers become almost extinct, at least in the IT sector and Romanian citizens seem to blend well their traditions with modern progress. The young generation is rooted in the fast tech evolution; you can find great talent and expertise as well as multiculturalism.

  1. Engineering resource

Romania produces engineers with consistency. The reason is that education has always focused on technical fields, mathematics, physics, and now programming. Although the educational system has yet to develop to give the job market full-on software developers, talent with tech background can easily catch up with the trends and become valuable specialists.

In the last years, the larger cities grew into IT hubs with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, HP or Oracle settling down here. The demand in the market is increasing constantly.

  1. Expertise & talent

Soon after the revolution, Romania started growing exponentially with companies pouring in. Even though the start focused mainly on outsourcing, systematically local companies or international ones started developing and producing here. This stimulated professionals to up their skills or go through a career conversion.

Now, Romanian IT companies can handle almost any type of development cycle and meet technical requirements from various clients and projects.

  1. Software developers supply

Research places Romania among the top 10 providers of certified IT professionals. Half of such specialists are developers, which is a huge percentage by worldwide standards. Expected to continuously grow, the IT workforce will determine income growth and bring the country closer to international economies.

Educational institutions need to adapt to this new wave of demand and produce a curriculum that facilitates young talents to become experts. If you want your handful of professionals to do a great job on your planned projects, then Romania might help you there.

  1. Great infrastructure

At European level, Romania holds a top spot in terms of IT infrastructure. Data centers, networks, and digital hubs create perfect conditions for high-quality work. The roads infrastructure may be decades behind, but this country makes up in the tech business.

  1. Professional approach to intellectual property

Data protection is safe here as opposed to other Eastern locations in the farther Orient. Being an EU member means that Romania is subject to its legislation regarding Intellectual Property and Personal Data protection. Although it took a while to reach this level, now companies can guarantee IP protection at the highest standard. The non-Disclosure and Data Protection agreements you sign has legal implications that companies will not take a chance on breaching.

  1. Time zones & easy travel access

Usually, IT hubs live in larger cities with access to air travel, easy commute, and connections to the most important European cities. Almost any part of Europe is within a max 3-hours flight distance and the time zone creates differences of only 1 or 2 hours. This makes meeting convenient and work hours overlap so that delays in advancement won’t be a problem.

Even if you are an American company partnering with a Romanian one, the major difference can be made up for by shifting work hours. Surely, this has implications for Romanian professionals, but there are always options.

Surveys and research place Romania high up the leaderboard. Numbers indicate over 14 000 companies registering in the bigger cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi, more than 100 000 specialists available around the country and international interest is growing still. Look no further, you have a partner waiting in Romania for sure.