Businessmen usually make decisions on the sole basis of price whenever they are faced with the option of choosing between software development vendors. It is almost impossible, however, to get a better quality product at a cheaper price. But even though businessmen are well aware of this, they still intend to go for the cheaper option.

It is the characteristic of these so-called cheap projects to turn out being unviable, having numerous issues and bugs, and missing deadlines. Even in several cases, the project ends up gobbling over twice the coat of the estimated budget. This means that there is a difference between the initial cost and the final cost of app development.

Do not think you can go for a cheap app development option. It is not good for a number of reasons. In fact, it is very tricky and may end up badly. Here are the reasons why you should not make your decisions solely on the basis of the initial price.

What is the Price You Will Have to Pay for Cheap App Development Services?

Do not be fooled into thinking that cheap app development has no risks. You must be aware that there are things you will need to sacrifice when you are choosing an app development that seems to be cheap.

Some of the ways these providers reduce the cost of app development include:

a.) Siting their facilities in countries such as Pakistan and India: You may think that the rates are affordable but the truth of the matter is that the level of education, exposure, skills, and corporate habits are often low among providers in these areas.

b.) Purposely underestimating the development work and energy: These estimates will usually exclude certain expenses such as project management hours.

c.) Putting forward lower prices or ridiculous discounts: What will likely happen here is that they will bring up hidden fees and charges the moment you start working.

d.) They give you inexperienced workers or low-level interns: These people will be unable to meet the deadline and even if they do, the raw product will be lacking in quality.

e.) Offering a multi-purpose service: This includes cloned apps. The final product will be affected and you will not be able to compete.

f.) Assigning a team of workers to multiple projects at the same time: This will lead to a lack of concentration on a particular project. The commitment level will be low for your project, thus resulting in poor production.

The Disadvantage of Opting for Cheap App Development: The Total Cost of Ownership Definition

Most likely, you will encounter additional costs later on in the process when you choose a cheap app development company. These costs may come in different forms which include:

1.) Company’s Failure to Deliver Product on Time: This will cost you the opportunity to launch the product before your rivals launch a similar product in the market. Therefore, you may lose your competitive edge.

2.) Vendors may fail to build the Product: This means you will have to find another company to handle the project. The transition from one team to another is not always easy and will definitely cost you additional money.

3.) Quality Issues may not be discovered early enough: This may make your clients lose their interest in you. As a result of this, your reputation will be shattered. It might prove difficult to win these clients over again.

All these lead to revenue loss and a higher total cost of ownership. Total Cost of Ownership is the sum of direct and indirect expenses related to software development and operation. At the end of the day, low-cost mobile app development will end up being expensive.