We all want the best for newly qualified IT experts and to ensure that they are working for companies that fulfill their needs and dreams. This is especially what we desire for our crew. Our team is not only dedicated to finding the right candidate for the right company, but we also handle yearly reports of the labor market, employment data and the latest trends and predictions in the job industry.

Because of this work, we are able to discover more about what employers and potential employees are getting excited about in 2019, as well as internships, earnings, what employers are looking for, and great advice from HR experts.

Below are some of the significant trends in Romania for 2019, based on a detailed study of 315 companies.

Trends in contracting

Of the companies asked:

  • 74% want to hire more people
  • 50% intend to hire more juniors
  • 38% intend to hire more seniors
  • The job with the most amount of opportunities in 2019 is in the IT Software Industry.

Hiring the Young or the Experienced

  • 63% of the companies wish to hire interns, 15% of those are seeking more than 10 interns. 50% of those wishing to hire interns want to maintain them for the long-term
  • The number of companies not paying their interns has fallen to 30%.
  • When hiring, 20% of companies will look at experience before areas of specialties.
  • There are an impressive 94% of companies who would like to hire seniors in 2019.
  • When hiring seniors, 26% of companies look at experience before other qualities like skills and drive.
  • Some of the most important skills that companies consider for developing your career are on-going development, dynamic people and long-term outcomes as the top three.

Earnings and benefits- what the employees and employers anticipate!

The great news is that none of the companies thought that salaries were going to fall in 2019. On the contrary, most believe salaries will rise. 19% feel salaries will rise by more than 10%.

  • The average monthly net salary for a junior working in the IT industry will be approximately 500€-700€, higher than any other industry.
  • There are significant differences in what entry-level candidates expect to earn depending on their levels of experience.
  • The companies consider private medical insurance, paid lunches, flexible hours and working from home to be the top benefits employers can offer.
  • Working from home and being able to balance work and life are becoming top priorities in 2019. 50% of companies offer staff with higher education the chance to work remotely, once a month.

 The steps for hiring new recruits

  • From start to finish, 50% of employers in Romania allow one month for the process. Typically there will be an interview with the recruitment department and/or manager and some form of test.
  • On the list of soft skills are flexibility, the ability to communicate, proactivity, a focus on outcomes, on-going learning and the ability to work in a team.
  • These soft skills take precedence over management skills and leadership.

The Perfect candidate for 2019

The HIPO survey suggests that self-motivation, positive attitudes, flexibility, and intellectual curiosity will be the most desired qualities in a candidate in 2019.

What jobs will look like in the future (2030)

Based on the results of HIPO, the following jobs will be on the rise:

  • Experts in security
  • IoT architects
  • RPA developers
  • Robotics developers
  • other areas that demand skill fields of innovation.