Romania is becoming increasingly successful in delivering quality work for outsourcing companies. Out of the country’s main IT hub cities, Bucharest is the largest and most vibrant city while also being the capital city of Romania.

Surveys ranked Bucharest 4th in the world when it comes to outsourcing. In terms of expertise, skills and economic attractiveness, Romania takes 3rd place in the Eastern side of Europe followed closely by Poland. Want to know what makes Bucharest an attractive spot for outsourcing?!

No. 1 One of the fastest growing IT cities across Europe

Bucharest trumps important cities such as Milan, Moscow, Istanbul or even Amsterdam with an increasing number of talented specialists with wide ranges of experience.

No. 2 Sharing culture and space with Western Europe

Being geographically close to most European countries, Romania can overlap in working hours with your company’s main location. This facilitates communication and collaboration. The difference in time zone is anywhere around 0 to 3 hours, which leaves a wide window of simultaneous working time. Not to mention that there are flights coming in and out of Bucharest to and from anywhere in Europe, directly and frequently.

No. 3 Good language skills

Young talents and experts all speak English at above average levels and many have at least a second foreign language in their portfolio. Aside from English proficiency, you can find many German speakers, French, Spanish or Italian.

No. 4 Good value for money

While not the cheapest hub, Bucharest is definitely far from being expensive. In return, you get a lot of value through high-quality work. Developers, testers, business analysts are all talented individuals whose rates are not as high as in cities with higher living costs.

No. 5 Generous pool of skilled professionals

The IT industry is on a developing fast track with many students pursuing computer science and technology related studies or trainings. Bucharest has the biggest number of IT&C graduates in the country. Their skills are waiting to be put to good use.

No. 6 Competitive salaries

With wages just above other cities around the country, Bucharest encompasses some of the brightest and skilled minds. This makes for a competitive ground and companies employing the best of the best. In Bucharest, you can find a large pool of talents of all experience levels.

No.7 High level of expertise

IT specialists around Romania and particularly Bucharest have earned international certifications of their skills from ambassadors such as Microsoft, Oracle, ISTQB, and Linux. They keep track of the latest technologies and work on diverse projects that put to challenge their expertise. This can only lead to improvement of their already recognized skills.

Many high-end products like apps, games or websites have been born and raised inside this IT capital. You can outsource entire projects or essential parts of it from Front-End to Back-End to Quality Assurance or Software Architecture.

No. 8 Great network infrastructure & internet connection speed

Romania is known to have the fastest internet speed inside the European Union. 9 cities in the country occupy positions in the top 15 of the world’s cities with the highest broadband internet connection. This gives a clear advantage to your outsourcing needs because communication will never be a problem due to a poor network.

Measure your resources and expectations and take into consideration expanding to Bucharest on any project you can dream of. You will find the team to make it happen here!