A quality website is above all a site and is able to satisfy the users who consult it. It must be useful, usable, accessible, visible, reliable, up-to-date and attractive.

So, in this article we will discuss what are all the requireable actions to take into consideration when building a quality website.

You need the following different conditions to finally meet the targets for which your website is designed:


This is the only criteria that depends purely on the client.

To be effective, a website must be useful! It is not enough to have a very good tool to generate a turnover!


It is simply the ability of the site to be practical and functional – whatever the capabilities of the user, its computer equipment or its mode of consultation.

Offering a usable site requires:

  • Use assisted design on a functional prototype from the pre-sale process to build the best ergonomics.
  • Respect the integration standards (XHTML, HTML5) guaranteeing interoperability even on mobile and smart phones


To be effective, a website must be visible, in other words – accessible to the maximum of Internet users who do not know it before. It is therefore necessary to gain visibility on search engines and social tools.

Natural reference

Websites must be designed to be most easily indexed by search engines. The HTML code generated is then primordial, it is therefore necessary to:

  • Respect the recommendations of the search engines and SEO expert for the creation of the semantic structure of the HTML code.
  • Respect integration standards (XHTML, HTML5).
  • Set up the new semantic markup formats (microformats: hproduct, vcalendar, vcard).

Radiance on social networks

Social networks have become generators of audiences and significant turnover. It is therefore essential to accompany the creation of a website with a communication on some majority tools like Facebook and Twitter, or to identify other tools according to the targets selected by the project owner.


A website that doesn’t evolve frequently cannot appeal to users and is rather poorly judged by search engines that tend to devolve.

Having an administration area with very good ergonomics and robustness allows contributors and administrators of the site to enrich and update it effectively.

The quality of the administration spaces of the content management tools can be evaluated on the basis of a simple criteria, their usability for neophytes. If the client can administer his site simply without any prior training – is the sign of a CMS with really good quality!


This is a major point of the success of a website, simply because the tools of management and administration of websites are often known to malfunction, both at the level of the user who consults and at the level of the Internet administrator who manages it.


The potential of seduction (the graphic aspect of a site) is an important point in the processes of conquest and retention of Internet users. The site must be able to distinguish itself from its competitors, bring a modern and innovative image in phase with its positioning.

Too often, the phases of ergonomic design and graphics merge when creating websites and this usually leads to sites where the image has taken more importance than the functional and is often very harmful.

It is essential to distinguish two different phases during the design: the ergonomic design based on prototypes evolving step by step and the phase of graphic presentation of these ergonomic models.

The comparison with the sewing takes all its relevance – to create a garment the couturiers spend first by the creation of a suitable pattern and the measures of the customer before working on the fabric and the final rendering.


Accessibility characterizes the capacity for a website to be accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities, psychic or potential disabilities.


A website is consulted by many different tools, from computers to smartphones and tablets. It is necessary to take into account these new modes of consultation! We make this approach for each of our customers by offering them adapted smartphone versions.