A Software Engineer is a person who does more than just a job, the person who likes science and puts it to use every time he or she has the occasion. This person uses data and statistics to offer the best product possible.

It is clear that anybody can learn to programme. So that doesn’t make everybody an engineer, right? The point is: easy products are not the same as engineered programs.

Engineers are solution oriented

No software engineer thinks the job is to write code. Their job is to find solutions to problems or gratify some needs. That means not all problems need a new program. Some may need a program upgrade or to merge more programs.

A software engineer starts from three insights: what’s the problem he or she is trying to solve, what is needed to be done (more than coding) and what are the actions in order to solve the problem with minimum effort.

Engineers write qualitative code

Engineers write clean code so that any programmer can understand their work. It is not a special event to modify a program – therefore change its code. And an engineer will write code that he or she will understand anytime.

The really valuable code is not just a written piece, it is that code that communicates with other pieces of code and programs.

Writing readable code is not a caprice. It is vital in order to save time and money and it requires experience. Another advantage is coming back to the code in order to fix a bug. It is a lot easier when everything is clear.

Engineers look forward

From the beginning, when a software engineer starts to code, he or she has in mind the environments and testing. They make sure the programs can run in any environment, anytime, on any screen type. Programs for browsers must run on any type of browser and on any version of it, desktop and phone apps must run on all operating systems and so on.

Engineers write code with all scenarios in mind and after they code the program, they test it. For a software engineer, not how to write a solving is important, but what should the solving contain.

Engineers have cost efficiency in mind

Most of the time, software engineers can fix a problem pretty fast. And here is the trick: if you think hiring a senior programmer is expensive, you should reconsider. Experienced programmers will give you the final product in less time, the program will be robust and accurate – meaning less money involved in the end.

Not only money but computer resources are another type of efficiency engineers can provide. They have solutions for using the minimum memory for best results in all situations.

Juniors are the best solution when you have limited money, but an engineer is cheaper for the long run.

Engineers play safe

That doesn’t mean they don’t have bold projects. We are referring here to security and safety. Most programs are used by users and personal data is involved, so the program must provide the best security options.

Backup strategy is no stranger to experienced programmers. Hackers are everywhere nowadays.

Closing thoughts

The conclusion is all software engineers are programmers, but not all programmers are software engineers. We have an experienced team that provides high-quality solutions for all our clients. If you have any questions, we are more than glad to discuss the best solutions for your business.