These days we are certain that wearable technology has become an increasing business. A lot of companies have worked and developed in this area, making elegant and fashionable technological parts for consumers. Smartwatches are being launched with an increasing speed and more and more designers are experimenting with different gadgets, apparel technologies, and wearables that are connected to their designated apps. In this article, we are looking at the continuing progress in the market of technological accessories and also clothing.

Wearable technology: what is it?

“Wearable technologies is referring to all clothing and accessories with advanced computer and electronic components” (source: Wikipedia ). These include watches connected to apps, glasses, accessories like gloves and jewelry etc.

The wearable technology combined with the streetwear style

Creative ways to use wearables are gaining terrain towards endless. A good example is developing this technology for controlling the color of streetwear clothing. Used mostly by teenagers of the Generation Z, there are recently entire collections that interact with the user’s smartphone to change the appearance. Attracting customers of this generation is a must for a business that is continually booming. The message of this idea is promoting the free and full expression and multiple choices that can emphasize this thought.

Smart shoes designed for tech-oriented runners

Another idea is connected to the belief that technology must continue to strengthen our abilities. Being productivity or fitness, the two most requested qualities that must be improved in life, it can be of no surprise that wearable technologies must embrace this.

Active runners nowadays base their activity on statistics. Tracking, analyzing and storing data of their physical activities can project a better way to improve in the future. Smart shoes can be connected to just an app and can send accurate info about pace and certain gestures that affect fitness. There is no need for another device carried around, you just return home and analyze your data.

Yoga practitioners integrate wearable technology into their practice

Yoga is about keeping yourself relaxed, but also in perfect alignment with yourself and the surrounding nature. Perfect poses don’t really exist for beginners, so clothing that vibrates when you are making the wrong postures is a helpful decision to wear. Yoga pants that are connected to your postures through an app can send you the proper signals that make you a better yoga practitioner.

Costumes and suits with integrated technology to better organize

There is a saying that suit makes a person. What about a wearable technology that is also a suit, making your life easier by suggesting and planning the right decisions and sending you the right tasks and product ideas to make you a better person? The suit monitors your every move, helping you project and analyze, swapping business cards with new contacts, put your phone through different stages of alerts, depending on what meetings or free time you have at hand.

Merging style with smart technology

What’s in a bag? A lot of things, and sometimes, chaos is at its will in there. Because bags and handbags are a stylish accessory, integrating the wearable ability into them can be a win. What about a bag that can help you organize your stuff and more, giving you smart recommendations of what other products to buy, offering you brand content. Why it helps the business? It strengthens the engagement and relationships with the customers, it helps by making the brand taking better decisions.

Smart watches and cellular connectivity

You like to stay in touch with your friends and family while being aware of their lifestyle. From basics like emails and calendar to streaming music, phone calls, freedom must be ensured even when there is no connection with the phone. An integrated virtual assistant is a beautiful addition to this area. Also, adding a fashionable design to your smartwatch will make it more desirable.

Wearable technology continues to make our lives better and it’s becoming an easier way of making our life choices statistics more accurate. The role of developing, combined with the fashionable design is increasingly demanded and plays a vital role in making these technologies more attractive and elegant.

Let’s hear your opinion in the comments below or let’s have a discussion about wearable technologies that are needed for your business.