The growth of organizations usually relies on software, and lately, IT departments within those organizations are too busy. That is the main reason why they decide software development outsourcing.

Software development outsourcing is one of the best practices in the world, and its numbers are rapidly growing. Trillion dollars are in the game so far.

The future of software development outsourcing

According to the GSA report (The Global Sourcing Association), more than 70% of the companies will be outsourcing more in the coming years. The same report shows that out of 70 percent, 35% of the companies have the plan to do it considerably. The global outsourcing industry growth is predicted to grow to $409 bn by 2022.

Many of you ask why this is so popular and what makes it unique. It is quite simple:

  1. Outsourcing improves the focus – only because their in-house IT professionals are not working on something that does not match their skills. Instead, they are focused more on other important goals. More strategic objectives will be done for sure, and the company will thrive.
  2. Global talent – There are tons of people outside your borders that have better skills and capabilities than those inside the borders. Competitiveness for the company can highly improve after hiring someone that is far more capable and skilled.
  3. Unbound Internal Resources For Other Purposes – Besides releasing the pressure on in-house employees, outsourcing also releases the pressure on in-house resources. That is how CEOs are capable of assigning the resources of their organization to other essential tasks.
  4. Outsourcing streamlines and increases the Time- Consuming Functions – this is another benefit from outsourcing because it balances the amount of work assigned to one particular task and also improves the overall quality.
  5. The outsourcing makes the use of External Resources as large as possible – many organizations can take full advantage of the power of relevant sources.
  6. Help attain long-term viability – they are in the middle; thus, they allow organizations or companies to share operations and components with partners.
  7. Reduce costs – many companies outsource due to lower costs. Not only you get a lower price, but you also get better service.

These are going to help you finally take the step you are thinking of or quite some time! Start outsourcing. Digital growth requires it because it reduces the risk and increases profit. Everyone likes that, right?