Despite its recent success, many still have an unrealistic view of Romania, fuelled by the media and other myths.

There are, however, several very real reasons why you should consider working worth a Romanian company, and we are going to cover a few of them.

  1. They are incredibly passionate about coding

Those in the Romanian IT industry are there because of their love for their job. Generally speaking, they aren’t doing it to gain worldwide fame or to earn lots of money. Some are attracted to other careers like medicine and law for the glory and the salary, not Romanian IT specialists. Experts tend to stay in Romania in order to invest in themselves. This results in a dedicated workforce.

  1. You can reduce your costs

If you have chosen to outsource it’s because you have to lower your costs in mind. The cost is irrelevant if a reliable, quality service cannot be provided. The hourly rate for a Romanian IT expert is significantly cheaper than the rates in other Western European countries while maintaining the same standards. They are more expensive than countries like India.

Most small companies with 10 developers or less will still have a level of technology expertise, structured systems, and the ability to work on large projects. The result is an ideal balance of low cost and high quality.

  1. The benefits of its location

Romania is part of the European Union. The country is affected by the same events, both good and bad, as the other members of the E.U. Its history has followed the same path and the culture has grown to be very similar.

If you are based in another European country, there will be very little difference in time zones and you can be there within a couple of hours, making communication easier and providing the option to meet staff members. If you aren’t based in Europe, you will be able to take advantage of the cheap accommodation, food, and lifestyle.

  1. High levels of communication and understanding

People are often put off by outsourcing because of the problems in language differences or companies not fully understanding the idea and requirements of a job. A very high percentage of IT specialists are proficient in English, so you won’t have any issues when working with Romanian companies.

  1. Potential savings

By outsourcing your development projects to a Romanian company, you will be able to save anywhere between 30% and 50%. At the same time as saving money, you are also increasing your production. With the money you have saved you can either invest in other areas of your business, or you can invest it in more experienced, senior developers in Romania.

  1. The opportunity to invest

Romania is a developing country, which makes investment attractive. The skilled workforce in Romania is keen to be appreciated and are often prepared to make sacrifices to see the unfolding and progression of a business idea. Many of the startups that began with two friends talking about a possibility have now become businesses worth millions.

  1. The balance of work and life

As a nation, Romanians are laid-back people who take their jobs seriously but also appreciate their free time. They have a sense of humor and an open mind. There is an active social life between clubs, pubs, and coffee shops. You will also be able to find a rich culture and history in museums and art galleries.