Among the many benefits of outsourcing, there are some countries with better reputations for outsourcing. They receive the most clients for many reasons. Eastern Europe is one such place.

There are 10 main advantages to outsourcing developers in Eastern Europe:

  1. Lower internet costs
  2. More proficient in English than other countries
  3. Good value for the cost
  4. A higher number of developers with good experience
  5. The talent pool is larger for general and specific skills
  6. More experience with outsourcing
  7. Prime location, little time zone differences, & work hours similar to the US
  8. Advanced growth in technologies
  9. Top-tier education opportunities
  10. Close in culture to the US and Western Europe

Lower Internet Costs

Eastern Europe maintains low costs for the internet. Ukraine has been ranked as the country with the lowest cost.

More Proficient in English

Many companies in this part of the world provide or at least offer to teach English to their employees. It’s among their employee benefits.

Good Value, Good Cost

In combination with other advantages on this list, countries in Eastern Europe charge lower rates per hour. This allows them to deliver quality work at a much lower cost.

More Developers with Experience

Europe as a whole, though Eastern Europe in particular, has a more extensive education program. Additionally, developers from this part of the world have ranked high in annual surveys and studies for quality and experience.

General & Specific Skills in the Talent Pool

While developers are experienced in general tech skills, there is also a large portion who are specialists in skills that aren’t as popular. This helps developers in Eastern Europe cover the board of skills for any type of development project. It makes them diverse on top of being experienced.

More Experience with Outsourcing

German and Dutch tech companies have a tendency to prefer outsourcing to Europe in general. They prefer to outsource to Eastern Europe for over 60% and 70% of their outsourcing needs respectfully. Ukraine is the most popular country, though India, Romania, Poland, and Belarus are also popular.

Location, Time Zones & Work Hours

Typically, developers in Eastern Europe are within a few hours travel from countries in Western Europe. Both parts of Europe share most of their work hours, and outsourcing to Eastern Europe from the US is a 7 hour time difference.

Advanced Growth in Technologies

The Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine have the biggest tech markets in Eastern Europe. Outsourcing in this area is expected to reach over $10 billion by the end of 2021, Ukraine currently making about one-third of that.

Top-Tier Education Opportunities

The amount of tech programs and degree opportunities in Eastern Europe exceeds other countries that have received awards for innovation. Ukraine sits at the top of Eastern European countries with the largest number of developers with degrees.

Close Culturally to the US & Western Europe

Eastern and Western European countries have very similar cultures. This is because many businesses in Eastern Europe were established by people from Western Europe. Also, having a Westernized culture, that makes the culture in Eastern Europe similar to the culture in the US.