Outsourcing software development is becoming a common practice as globalization is driving competitiveness at an unprecedented pace, pushing organizations to search for new ways of improving their business.

If your company is just like most startups, you’re most likely starting out with a small team who may or may not possess technical skills. And even if some of you possess technical skills, it’s unlikely that you have the necessary know-how to complete your project at its full potential.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make your dream app happen; you just need to take a different approach. Outsourcing the development process could be the best way to get off the ground.

Here are the most important aspects you should take into consideration when deciding whether you should outsource or not:
Lower Costs

Because financial issues are the main reason for the failure of software startups, outsourcing has proved to be the best method for diminishing a start-up’s operational expenses.

An outsourced team will not only save you a lot of money but also time. If you choose to outsource you can skip the traditional hiring process and you will not have to account for any extra expenses associated with permanent hires. Your outsourcing partner will be in charge of choosing the most qualified candidates and to have replacements at hand in case a team member unexpectedly leaves the project.

Did you know that according to a major study of global outsourcing done by Deloitte 59% of the respondents claimed that outsourcing is more cost effective; while 72% of the respondents outsource at least some of their IT functions, including software development outsourcing?

So, why would you pay more money to hire a local employee if you can hire a professional with the same or even higher expertise level elsewhere?

Fewer Risks

Your company will definitely have a significant advantage if there is a specialized team that only focuses on the software development process. This is because the in-house team members typically have several other daily tasks that they need to complete that distract their attention and decrease their work productivity. By outsourcing the software development, the dedicated team that can focus on the development process without risking to overlook crucial details in order to meet deadlines. Get Your Products to the Market Faster


Get Your Products to the Market Faster

Overtaking competitors with a market entry can make or break a business and timing is key.

So, do you have time to wait?

Outsourcing is the best way to achieve the proposed goals within required time-cost constraints and at a high-quality level.

With in-house development, the time between the idea and the finished product is much longer, as you will need to rent office space, set up the development infrastructure, as well as put together a professional team. You will have to hire, train, and onboard the new employees which can add considerably more time to the whole software development process.

However, if you choose to outsource,  your company will be working right away with a well-trained team that will have your project completed while conforming to the deadlines.

There is no perfect solution for all. Each company should evaluate what they can do in-house and what they should outsource. Nevertheless, the software development outsourcing option should be considered in all cases.