Romania boasts a large percentage of professionals that work in the outsourcing sector, with multinational companies considering it the best when compared with her neighbors Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. What makes Romania a clear favorite for these countries?

A permanently growing sector

Research shows that Romania ranks high when listing countries that outsource services such as Information Technology. It has a flexible workforce, capable of adapting to the different cultures of the outsourcing companies. They are well versed with trends in technology and are passionate about what they do.

Small cities are the next step

The ever-growing demand for a skilled workforce in Romania has made companies that are looking for the best to look in unpopular places such as smaller cities which have the potential and reputation for producing top-notch graduates in various fields. These cities are considered small, but they have good education systems, infrastructure and great potential for growth.

It is no longer about low cost

Most companies are nowadays on a transition from finding an inexpensive solution to finding the most efficient solution to their problems. The best solution is never usually the cheapest, and thus, Romania provides graduates who possess both technical and non- technical skills that make them a cost-effective workforce that gets things done professionally and in time. A staff offering cheap solutions to a problem may find themselves at loggerheads with their superiors when the problem recurs and leads to massive losses in time wasted trying to fix the chronic problem and resources used.

IT Outsourcing

Many people are shifting towards Information technology careers such as web development, software engineering, networking, system analysis, and design and database management.  This pool of talent is much sought after in the world of technology with the advent of technology companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Google and Facebook. These companies are hunting for the best talent and Romania offers students who are highly skilled, capable of handling the dynamics of working in such organizations with ease.

Complete Solutions

The needs of the outsourcing companies vary greatly, and Romania offers the human resource that is adaptive to these requirements; merging various services that are tailor-made to suit the outsourcing company’s needs. The technological world is constantly changing, and thus, companies are looking for personnel that can be as adaptive as they are innovative. These people are well versed with the trends in technology and are prepared to learn and absorb new information and are open to new approaches to doing things.

Multilingual Talent Pool

The fact that our country is a choice destination for several major call center is proof that we appreciate and welcome the language diversity. Romanian workforce can thus communicate in an array of common international languages, putting them at an advantage for multinational companies seeking a competent human resource. When these professionals move to another country to work, there is hardly any language barrier hindering them from achieving their assigned objectives.

The perfect balance cost-quality

The Romanian workforce provides the best in terms of cost-effectiveness. They offer unparalleled skills while maintaining a good cost-quality balance, ensuring you get value for your money. They may not be just as cheap as their counterparts in other countries, but they add value to your company through their inherent abilities and skill-sets. Any company willing to get highly skilled personnel for their projects should consider Romania.

The above features of the Romanian workforce make them an appealing human resource that any multinational company willing to outsource for such a talent pool cannot pass. Their skills, flexibility, adaptability and bilingual nature make them a force to reckon.