If you are considering software outsourcing, you are probably looking at several overseas destinations. There are different hot spots currently that can meet your needs – some more popular than others. Here we will give you 3 great reasons why you should consider IT outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca in Romania and what makes it an excellent choice.

Romania is a very attractive destination for IT outsourcing and gaining more and more popularity recently. And it is easy to see why – it provides several benefits and advantages. One of the best reasons is the tech expertise of IT specialists in Romania – it is a very high level, plus it is combined with other useful skills, including foreign languages, communication, and project management.

There is a strong IT tradition in Romania and a dynamic business sector focused on building relationships with both local and international customers. And the proximity to North America and Western Europe in terms of distance and culture makes remote collaboration much easier.

Cluj-Napoca is one of the top spots in Romania when it comes to software outsourcing and here are the main reasons why.

Good location and transportation system

The main economic center in North-Western Romania and the second most populated city in the country, Cluj-Napoca is 440 km from the capital Bucharest. It has considerable growth potential as a lot of companies are operating there in different industries such as IT, communication, research, and education.

There are direct connections to all the major cities in Europe through road, rail, and air.

Established education and large talent pool

About 25% of the population of Cluj-Napoca are students from all over Romania and abroad. There are 11 colleges and universities in the city with the biggest being Babes-Bolyai University and The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN) with several tech departments.

That is the reason why there is a large number of full-stack developers – actually, one in 25 people in the city is working or studying in the IT sector.

There are a lot of options for students to have a very busy life in preparation for their future IT careers – plenty of opportunities for internships, tech contests, open days, conferences, and events.

Well-developed IT sector and tech opportunities

The number of IT companies in Cluj-Napoca is registering constant growth and this is the top city in the whole of Romania in terms of the number of IT experts. There are companies from the USA, UK, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Japan, China, and South Korea outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca.

The local tech companies have a very diverse profile – from small startups to large IT service providers.

There are several well-established IT clusters and associations in the city and most of the organizations are working together to grow the IT sector’s innovation capacity.

All of this makes Cluj-Napoca an excellent choice for IT outsourcing – with plenty of experienced and competitive professionals with good technical and communication skills, you will find the right solution to your business needs.