Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union and one of the top 10 countries in Europe in regards to the tech workforce. The IT industry in Romania is very dynamic which makes it a perfect outsourcing destination. It offers highly skilled tech professionals, close proximity to Western Europe, and affordable costs. This is why outsourcing to Romania can offer many benefits – you can save costs and bring your software project to market faster while working with a highly skilled team.

Read on to find out the best reasons why you should consider software outsourcing to Romania.

A great talent pool of developers

Romanian software developers are highly skilled in various technologies and methodologies – both traditional and modern. So you can expect to easily find IT professionals with expertise that fits whatever your needs are – core technologies for Java, C++, .NET, modern tech like Blockchain, AI, or DevOps, developers with expertise in HTML5 or React Native, as well as software engineers skilled in niche technologies such as Teamcenter or COBOL.

Tradition in education and a variety of IT hubs

Romania has great traditions in education especially when it comes to computer science and mathematics. There are 41 technical universities from which over 6,700 tech engineers and computer science specialists graduate every year.

The IT scene is expanding with more and more local IT hubs emerging and a variety of tech conferences, training sessions, and contests. There are also a lot of business angels and a thriving startup community.

No major cultural differences compared to Western Europe and the USA

The culture, lifestyle, and values in Eastern Europe are not that different from Western Europe and the US. Most of the Romanian IT specialists are well-educated and cultured, traveled and studied abroad, and speak fluent English and a variety of other languages. With good communicational and intercultural skills, expect a flawless work process and no major differences with what you are accustomed to.

Long-term Relationships & Stability

Stability and long-term relationships are key values for every respectful IT company and you can expect the same from most of the Romanian software companies. And since software developers in Eastern Europe are well known for the attention to detail and reliable engineering processes, you can expect to receive a top-quality product.

Easily accessible and lack of time difference

Being very easy to reach – with a 1-2-hour flight from most major European cities, Romania is a great choice for IT outsourcing. There are no major time differences to Western Europe or even if you are US-based, you can work seamlessly with your remote outsourcing team.

Competitive Outsourcing Rates

The competitive cost of the workforce in Romania is probably one of the major factors to consider. IT salaries in Romania are over 50% lower than the US or Western Europe and this can greatly reduce the cost of your software project. And since the government supports the IT sector – for example, it adopted a law on tax exemption for activities in regards to software development, you can expect to find some really competitive rates from outsourcing companies.