There has been a gradual rise in IT Outsourcing trends as technology’s capability has increased along with the demands of a more efficient workforce; because of this, it has become increasingly difficult for companies and organizations to independently manage everything. With the demand for more IT specialties, organizations are being forced to serve their users both locally and globally which can become a mammoth task in itself.

This is why companies are turning to outsourcing as a solution.

It lets your business focus on its core responsibilities while leaving other duties to your hired partners. But while this sounds like it is all perks, it is like anything in that it will have its flaws too.

In this article, we will be going over 5 IT Outsourcing trends that you will notice pop up in 2022.

 1.     Increased cloud computing popularity

You don’t need to be in IT to know about the cloud and some of its capabilities. With the world becoming increasingly digitized it’s no wonder that cloud computing will only just become more popular.

Cloud computing lets businesses outsource their storage and manage their data, apps and other IT functions remotely. It allows a company to reduce its cost while improving its efficiency which is highly appealing to most organizations.

Due to its popularity, MarketsandMarkets estimates the cloud computing market to grow from $148.8 billion in 2019 to $246.8 billion by 2023. This is also a great opportunity for outsourcing providers as businesses are looking for more ways to move their operations to the cloud.

 2.     Higher demand for blockchain services

With blockchain technology already disrupting the financial service industry, it won’t be long until it disrupts other sectors too, including software development outsourcing. The blockchain allows developers the freedom to create applications that store data across secure decentralized computers.

It’s this type of security that attracts organizations looking to outsource their cloud storage or IT functions. It has the added bonus of being on a decentralized computer which makes it easier to get more value from your data in the form of business intelligence (BI). When more companies realize the potential this has, the demand for blockchain services will increase.

 3.     More focus on Machine Learning Automation

One of the trends to look forward to is Machine Learning Automation, a process in which a computer can learn without being programmed, also a form of artificial intelligence. Because of the flexibility of this technology, it can have a wide range of uses, including outsourcing.

With the use of machine learning, outsourcing providers will be able to optimize their operations as well as improve their quality of services, and help identify or respond to issues more quickly.

 4.     Increased demand for Cybersecurity Specialists

As more companies move their data to the cloud, there will be an increased demand for cybersecurity specialists to make sure their data stays secure. Any outsourcing providers who are able to offer these services will be in high demand. It is estimated that the demand for cybersecurity specialists will only grow in the coming years, and so it is expected to see more outsourcers focusing on this specialization.

 5.     More focus on Artificial Intelligence

If you watch any sort of science-fiction movie, then you’ve probably heard of the term AIs or Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the act of software completing a task similar to how human intelligence would. The application of this in IT outsourcing will be widespread, and many companies will want to use AI in their future services. This could include things like chatbots or online assistants.