Outsourcing is nothing new. Since time immemorial, business owners have been sending chunks of their work to more qualified and cheaper options. In the modern world, with our vast options for physical and virtual travel across the globe, current outsourcing is more popular than ever. However, many businesses have their reservations: if you’re a small business creating something close to your heart, the idea of handing processes off can be scary! There is a whole load of misconceptions surrounding outsourcing. Here are some hard facts:

  • More than half of big organizations outsource customer service responsibilities
  • Nearly three-quarters of all business IT procedures get outsourced
  • 40% of banking help-desk workers are outsourced workers
  • Almost half of all HR and only a little less of financial services go to outsourced organizations.

So, if huge successful companies are using this tool so much, what’s stopping you? Here are seven top misconceptions about outsourcing: and why you don’t need to worry so much.

Myth: Outsourcing is only for big companies

Reality: Even as far back as 2014, this was categorically not the case. In a 2014 UK survey, 60% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) utilized outsourcing for their IT services, while even more (65%) outsourced their staffing processes!

The only difference between outsourcing for a large and outsourcing for a small company is scale.

Myth: Lack of trust is a considerable outsourcing problem

Reality: Did you know that almost 80% of business owners report complete confidence in their outsourcing partners? It’s true that some people have bad experiences, and that this can reflect poorly on outsourcing in general. However, a lousy customer doesn’t mean you can never make a sale again, so why should one bad outsourcing experience ruin such a golden opportunity? That can be avoided entirely by just exercising caution and doing the research before settling on your partner.

Myth: Outsourcing is too expensive and time-consuming.

Reality: Close to 60% of businesses report significant savings by switching to outsourcing, as well as increased profit. Sending processes elsewhere allows enterprises to focus on their core objectives and generate more income! As for time – the whole outsourcing set up process only takes a month on average.

Myth: Training outsourced workers is too difficult because of distance

Reality: Outsourcing companies already employ highly skilled workers, especially in the IT sector. All you need to do is deliver training on the specifics of your company: they can handle the rest.

Myth: It’s better to do it in-house

Reality: Outsourcing saves time and money, and lets you concentrate on the more complex parts of your business. It also eliminates the issues of lack of specific resources, time, and physical capacity!

Myth: Cultural differences make it impossible

Reality: Most countries with a lot of outsourcing work are more than adept at handling the US or UK markets, as this is where they specialize! Advisors exist to help with any specific issues, but some quick research and some ground rules make this barely a problem at all.

Myth: My lack of control over it will be a bad thing

Reality: Micromanagement isn’t helping anyone: outsourcing relieves you of this problem! You have control over the significant processes and rules, but you also get the flexibility of not worrying about every little aspect of the process you outsourced.


Outsourcing saves time, money, and resources. Why hesitate? If you need skilled labor for a low cost, outsource today – no matter what size your business.