Blockchain development has fast become a reliable tool for companies seeking to put their assets on virtual cloud technology. These companies have to obtain highly skilled Blockchain developers to achieve their objective and thus the need to outsource for a good Blockchain development company. To get a suitable company, you will have to consider various aspects of your needs that the Blockchain development company should meet in order to give them the mantle of software development in your company.

Blockchain Outsourcing vs Software Outsourcing

Blockchains codes are written using a language that borrows heavily from conventional programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, Perl among others. This familiarity is only disrupted by a few changes such as the smart contracts which are written in Solidarity and which target the Ethereum Virtual Machine

These differences can act as a defining guide to distinguishing between companies that offer the best Blockchain development from the rest.

Blockchain Development Technologies

A good Blockchain development company must be highly conversant with the common programming languages mentioned before. They should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the techniques of creating successful applications using these languages while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Also, that company should have further knowledge in several programming languages and techniques such as Cryptography, The Ethereum Virtual Machine, data security. Decentralized technology among others, to be able to successfully complete a Blockchain project.

Types of Blockchain Developers

After confirming their expertise level in the above techniques, you need to find out if your developing company has the expertise to develop that Blockchain application that suits your specific needs.

Three approaches to Blockchain Development.

Any company in need of a Blockchain developing company usually has three motives.

  1. a) For internal use within the organization
  2. b) To host services that you want to capitalize on.
  3. c) To create a distributed system which can run on an existing Blockchain application.

You should go to a development company that can create tailor-made user-specific applications. This will ensure you get the correct value for money in terms of the final application will have the capacity to achieve your desired objectives.

Outsource Models

There are four common models used when outsourcing a good Blockchain development company;

Fixed Price

This model leans on making an application that fits within a certain budget set out before the development began. It involves making an agreement on the cost of creating the application with the development company. This agreement will guide the company developing the application to stick within this budget. A limitation of this method is the lack of flexibility and room for making changes in the future without accruing additional costs. This limitation can be remedied by the company adopting the Agile Fixed price model which creates room for any modifications during the development of the application.

Captive Unit

In this model, the responsibility of managing the development team rest solely on the developing company. Your responsibility is remuneration and providing direction to the development team. This model is particularly useful when developing a complicated project and you wish to carry out the development in another new region where your company is seeking to establish a presence.

Dedicated Team

This model is particularly useful when you are working on a long term project or a number of projects and would wish for a team of developers to carry out the development. The team comprises of highly skilled developers and will work on such a project until completion, gaining experience of working with your company and exposure to your products. This ensures they obtain a first hand, in-depth understanding of your application needs.

Accelerated BOT

This model, commonly referred to as Accelerated Build Operate Transfer Model works on the idea of the development company finding a functioning development team in a region where you wish to build a Blockchain project. The company manages the team for a while in the hope that at some point, the ownership of the facility can be transferred to your company. However, this model is best applicable if you wish to make the transition in the long term future.