This article is designed to help all the Technical Officers, CTOs, CEOs, and Projects Leaders. Because solving and creating specialized software development services has never been more wanted, the demand for professionals is increased.

Revenue and focusing on relevant specialties are the most critical factors in one company, and they can be improved only with nearshore outsourcing. Everything your company needs can happen thanks to global talents.

Nearshore Software Development, besides reducing costs, increases portfolios in a short matter of time and innovates. What exactly is nearshore software development?

Nearshore Software Development is when skilled teams are outsourced from outside the location, which the company operates but at a near enough place.

There are a couple of advantages to software outsourcing: Low costs, support, and more significant results. Also, both countries are close enough, so there are not going to be cultural or legal differences. The time zone difference is also doesn’t exist; thus, the communication level is excellent.

Here are a few other upsides of outsourcing that you should take into consideration:

  • Greater Flexibility and Lower Operating Expenses – you don’t need to purchase equipment or other supplies and things required for software development. Software development outsourcing gives you the possibility to choose developers for a single project. You can decide to keep them for future projects or you can choose another developer.
  • Managing Time –by adopting this solution you will no longer have to spend time and money to recruit and train developers as the outsourcing company will provide the skills and manpower necessary to meet any strict deadlines.
  • Cost Improvements – employment cost savings can reach a high percentage for daily regular tasks. Outsourced labor in Eastern Europe may cost up to 80% less than if the same task would be performed in-house in Western Europe or North America, specifically for easier tasks.

The services Nearshore Company Provides:

  • Fixes scalability, cross- platforms, security, seamless testing, deployment
  • Takes over the entire client experience
  • Gives custom software development
  • Gives Business Intelligence and Quality Assurance

Romania is an excellent nearshore location, mainly for Java-based frameworks. It would be best if you chose Romania because:

  • On top of the list with the best developers
  • Developers are proficient in English
  • Located in Central Europe gives not a complicated time zone difference

Nearshoring lacks time zone differences, economic differences, and social differences. It would help if you considered it.