Eastern Europe is a hot spot for IT outsourcing at the moment. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and of course Romania are some of the most popular countries to hire software developers and outsource your projects. 

More than 60,000 Romanians are working in the IT outsourcing sector which provides cost-efficient solutions to multinational companies and brings export value to the country. It is a preferable destination mainly because of the high-skilled experienced specialists, affordable rates, and lack of cultural differences. 

Read on the find out the most important things you should know about outsourcing in Romania. 

The sector is permanently growing

Romania ranks 13th in a list published by Global Services Location Index when it comes to IT outsourcing services worldwide. With more than 1,500 IT graduates each year, superior human resources, proficiency in foreign languages, and adaptable culture to international standards, Romania is one of the few countries in the world that provides exceptional services at great rates. 

Small cities are the next hotspots 

For a while the main IT outsourcing destination in Romania was Bucharest – in 2016, 63% of the outsourcing market was represented by the Romanian capital. But today, small cities are emerging and it is not only about Bucharest anymore. Brasov, Iasi, Cluj, Galati are cities that offer good infrastructure and real estate offer, universities, and plenty of talent with skills and competencies. Multiple international companies have already chosen these cities to establish long-term partnerships and started to open local offices. 

It is not only about lower costs

In the beginning, IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe and Romania, in particular, was seen as mainly a low budget, cost-effective solution. While today the rates for outsourcing in Romania are still very affordable, this is not the main reason anymore. Companies are recognizing the long-term benefits obtained through qualified human resources and a high level of tech skills, knowledge, and expertise. Getting things done in a professional and timely matter is now the main reason for outsourcing in Romania. 

ITO outsourcing

There are more than 100,000 people working in ITO-oriented fields, and with experienced developers, programmers, and software engineers, outsourcing is on the rise. There are numerous international companies present in Romania, among them IBM, Microsoft, HP, P&G, Intel, Oracle, Luxoft, Amazon, and Ubisoft. Web design outsourcing is another niche that is currently becoming very popular because of the large talent pool of graphic designers that are easy to work with and able to adapt to the culture of US and Western European clients. 

Complete solutions

Outsourcing in Romania offers every type of solution to meet the needs and requirements of your business. From hourly managed projects to complete management, with reasonable rates and best quality, Romanian outsourcing companies have made the next step in the service offerings. 

Multilingual professionals

IT professionals in Romania are highly proficient in various languages. English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German are among the most frequently spoken languages so foreign clients can easily communicate and collaborate with the remote team no matter the service they provide. 

A perfect balance between cost and quality

Compared to other popular outsourcing destinations, such as Asia and Latin America, Romanian IT professionals might not be the cheapest. But the investment is definitely worth it because of the high quality they provide and the ease of communication and management. 

All of these factors – the pool of skilled and talented professionals, education, location, culture, and the presence of multinational companies make Romania a promising tech hub and a great solution for businesses looking for IT outsourcing.