Building an app development team depends on one thing above all: getting the right team. Selecting the right players for your organization can be the difference between success and failure!

Ideally, you’ll have all of the right people already on staff for every individual task – but everyone knows that isn’t always realistic! You might have some of the talents, but it’s unlikely you already have everything you need!

Team Extension can help complete your team with that specialization that you may otherwise lack. If you have minimal to no specialties already in-house, however, it might be time to consider outsourcing the entire app development project.

Difficulties of assembling a team for app development

You need a competent team that can work cohesively when faced with problems. You also want them to work quickly and produce something spectacular and on your client’s schedule! Here are some reasons why gathering your team from in-house might not be the best strategy:

  • Lack of skills in specific tools and languages
    • Your in-house engineers may be very talented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are versed in the tools and the languages you need to use for this specific project.
    • The time taken to obtain and learn new products is mitigated in long-term, customized projects. Still, it would be better used in problem-solving later in the project!
  • Placing experienced employees in roles that they do not know
    • Having the correct number of employees does not mean having the right skillset
    • Asking seasoned employees to fill unfamiliar positions can cause more problems than it solves.
  • Creating ad-hoc teams can be messy
    • Your business probably has many different teams and bringing different people from different groups together often causes difficulties.
    • Trust, communication, and work styles can clash with employees who haven’t worked together before.
  • Problems with staff bandwidth
    • Teams may have another previously scheduled project that needs completing when a new project needs to be staffed.
    • Extensions are possible, but they’re not usually very popular with clients, and asking for them can damage your reputation as a business.
    • Outsourcing eliminates this problem.
  • Issues with groupthink
    • Gathering employees who have worked together for the same company for a long time might create an issue wherein everyone approaches the problem in the same way.
    • This can damage creativity and problem-solving ability.

The above are just some of the issues that can affect your team if you try to gather from in-house for your latest app-development project. So let’s now have a look at the alternative: an outsourced team.

Yes, you can simply employ new staff. Sometimes, this might even be the right step, if your project involves growing the company and you require new permanent talent. However, in other cases, outsourcing the whole team is the best – and sometimes the only real! – way forward.

Benefits of outsourcing

Here are some of the top advantages:

  • Extremely skilled, project-based talent
    • Outsourcing teams are based on the project, which means the people who are hired all know the code and tools they need.
  • Experienced and skilled team members
    • Talented team members will be familiar with the roles and responsibilities set out for them.
  • Agile software development
    • Communication within the team and with the company is evident on all sides and happens quickly.
    • Outsourcing companies specialize in this.
  • Lack of conflict when scheduling
    • Teams are created for specific projects, so do not have any other plans to concern them while they focus on your app.
    • Dedicated, committed teams focused on your own project.
  • Help with project management
    • In terms of the day-to-day parts, management can also be outsourced – meaning you can focus on other projects and essential company business.