Outsourcing software development is a great way to reduce costs without having to compromise with the quality of the product. You can hire an expert team of professionals for a significantly lower price and have your project ready to market in a short amount of time. There are different countries all over the world that are becoming hot spots for IT outsourcing and Romania is one of them.

If you are thinking to outsource, here are the 5 best reasons to outsource software development in Romania.

#1 Growing reputation as an IT destination

The IT sector in Romania is growing at a steady rate and already overpassing other countries in the EU. It is expected that in the next years it will grow at least four times with the newest generation of IT specialists that are currently graduating.

The proximity of Romania to other Western European countries, combined with the economic advantages, high quality of IT service, and a huge talent pool make it one of the best countries for IT outsourcing.

#2 Solid tradition in tech, science, mathematics, and engineering

A degree in technology, science, mathematics, and engineering is considered to be very important in Romania. It is very common for IT professionals in Romania to be skilled in software engineering, computer science, telecommunications. And today the newest generations are already graduating with plenty of tech skills and a very agile approach.

It is worth noting that Romania also holds third place in Europe when it comes to IT women professionals – currently, they are 29% of the workforce in the sector.

#3 European culture

As Romania is somewhat on a crossroads in between different cultures, you will find a very interesting mix of local and foreign cultures integrated into one. The locals are opened and perceptive to other’s values and easy to adapt. And since most people start learning different languages early in school, you will have no problem communicating and find many people fluent not only in English, but also French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

#4 Economic advantages

Romania is an emerging developing country and you will find that the administrative services, infrastructure, office space, and general cost of living and travel are much cheaper compared to the US or Western Europe, but the quality can compete very well.

As for the IT sector, the wages for software developers and IT specialists might not be the cheapest but are still better compared to most of the US – it will depend on the skillset and expertise but generally the hourly wage for software development varies between 25-50 euro per hour.

#5 Well known working models

When you start the discussion about your software development project with the outsourcing company in Romania, you can expect different ways of approaches and working models.

  • With a Dedicated Team Model, you will be collaborating with a project team. Best for long-term, complex projects.
  • An Extended Team Model means you will have an outsourcing team to compliment your existing in-house development team by providing new skills and knowledge.
  • A Project-Based Model means that the outsourcing company will be controlling the entire process and deliver the software development project at a fixed price.
  • With a Flexible Model, the cooperation may shift or combine several different approaches, depending on the current situation.
  • An On-Site Model means that the software development team will be present at your site for the agreed period of time.

Choose the one that is best suited for your needs and requirements.

Consider outsourcing software development in Romania if you are looking for highly skilled IT professionals, better costs, and a growing IT market that will be ready to accommodate all your preferences.