Since it was launched in 2013, ReactJS library has expanded significantly and has been used for the development of all types of applications. One of the main reasons for that is that there is a large choice of React components that developers can use to create exclusive UIs for web and mobile apps.

React component libraries are sets of components created to ease different aspects in the process of development with React. Using these component libraries can simplify the UI development and improve app performance, and they are really versatile.

Read on to find out the best React component libraries currently available.

Material UI

One of the most popular React component libraries, Material UI is used for simpler and faster web development. You can start with Material Design or build your own design system. With more than 64K stars on GitHub, this library provides numerous simple and clean components that are easy to customize. There are also components that are ready-to-use to plug into your application and a great set of tools and APIs to improve the development process.

Ant Design

Another very popular React component library that offers an enterprise-level design system. You can use more than 60 React components, including categories such as layout, navigation, data entry, and more to build a fun and effective work experience. There are plenty of helpful tools such as clean icons, guides, design tips, and Sketch plugins.

React Bootstrap

A popular JavaScript, HTML, and CSS library, Bootstrap includes UI elements for web and mobile apps. React Bootstrap offers complete compatibility with many Bootstrap themes and components.

React Virtualized

This is a unique React component library that focuses on the display of tabular data. Using React Virtualized, you can render large quantities of data with components such as tables, lists, collections, grids, and more. There is a thorough set of instructions on how to do the setup.

Blueprint UI

This component framework for React is a UI toolkit for the creation of complex interfaces for desktop applications. It has more than 14K stars on GitHub and is a great package that offers usability standards with all the components and provides access to light and dark theme mode.


If you are going to build ambitious products, Evergreen is your go-to choice for React components. Built on top of React UI Primitive, these components are composable and flexible. Evergreen was developed for enterprise-grade web application UIs and there are several theme options in the current version.

React Toolbox

A series of React components that follow the requirements of Google Material Design. There are plenty of components such as cards, buttons, dialogues, date pickers, and other common elements that allow developers to build stunning applications. The library is very versatile and completely configurable and comes with comprehensive documentation.

Onsen UI

This is one of the strongest libraries of React components when it comes to app development for iOS and Android. It allows developers to create native-looking and hybrid mobile apps and all the components are properly tuned to provide an optimized and smooth experience. The components are also organized based on themes, platforms, and elements.

React Suite

React Suite provides all standard components you will need to build a fine web app. You will find support for customized themes, various clean and simple icons, and a color palette. The library supports all major web browsers and comes with thorough documentation.