Over the past decade, competition within the IT industry has grown fiercer. The spread of COVID-19, leading to a pandemic in 2020, changed how the world functioned. One of the most heavily affected industries was the technology industry. The pandemic and a significant loss of in-person jobs directed businesses and job seekers to remote work. This partially paved the way for a severe expansion in outsourcing. Nearshore outsourcing (outsourcing to a different country) and offshore outsourcing (outsourcing to a different continent) are the main types of outsourcing.

But the biggest question is: Where should businesses outsource to? Let’s look at Romania and the benefits of outsourcing from this country.

The IT Industry in Romania

Making up a large portion of the country’s economy, the IT industry in Romania is backed by its government. Additionally, the education system here centers around the fields of computer science and math. This gives Romania an edge since the IT industry overlaps both fields. As outsourcing overall increases, more competition will arise within the country, evident by its top 50 rankings in the most competitive countries in the world.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Popular in the outsourcing industry, Romania has earned the label of being an ‘outsourcing valley’, meaning the country is a recommended place to outsource to. It has a good satisfaction to price ratio as well. Natives of Romania are also reported to be multi-lingual and have limited language barriers as a result. Its success with nearshore outsourcing in particular makes it an excellent area to open an IT business.

More Benefits

Romania tends to rank high in annual studies on things like internet speed, market size, and ease of travel. Internet speed is essential for outsourcing, as it relies on having a solid connection to communicate and collaborate with businesses. The time zone of Romania also has a few overlapping hours with the US, particularly the East coast. Its geographical location puts it within a relatively short distance—a matter of a few hours mostly—to other countries. This makes Romania extremely accessible if need be. The lack of strict traveling restrictions (under normal circumstances) adds to that. Similarly, from a marketing standpoint, Romania is considered among the top 25 safest countries for investing. To improve the IT industry, Romania even began to offer decreased, fixed taxes for companies and other small tax exemptions.


Aside from Romania, other countries in Europe sit at the top of the outsourcing division of the IT industry. Companies in the United States especially gravitate to offshore outsourcing. Many of these businesses rely on the outsourcing experiences of other businesses, as well as annual studies that compare countries.

Romania is a notable choice for outsourcing due to its solid systems—educational, political, and economic. It values education in areas that benefit outsourcing and technology-related fields. This shows its commitment to the country’s future. The technical skills of Romanians are highly valued as well.

In its entirety, the country of Romania has a firm, ever-adapting structure that is perfect for nearshore outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, and an admirable internal integrity.