How will outsourcing evolve?

  1. Global IT expenditure will rise

Spending on information technology throughout the world is expected to rise. In 2021, IT investment is expected to rise by 4% and even more in 2022, according to a wide range of specialists. An increase in outsourcing will accompany the rise in IT expenditure. IT expenditure is expected to rise 4.2 percent by 2021, with total revenue of $5 trillion, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

  1. Remote work expands

Increases in the use of remote working are on the way. Workflows need to be restructured to keep pace with the times. During the COVID-19 epidemic, several teams saw increased productivity due to remote work. Adaptation and change acceptance is critical for businesses in this new normal.

  1. Python will become more widely used.

According to Statista, 68% of developers use JavaScript as their primary scripting language. Python is used by 44% of developers, according to survey results. Many experts feel that Python is on its way to becoming the most widely used programming language in the world.

  1. The use of cloud computing services is expected to increase.

Cloud computing services will continue to grow. Cloud services are a wonderful option for many businesses because of the cheap monthly costs and little overhead. When they don’t have to spend money on costly equipment, they may invest elsewhere. There are many more benefits to using cloud services than just working from anywhere. According to Gartner forecasts, cloud investment will outpace traditional IT spending in 2020. According to Gartner, the annual growth rate of cloud services is expected to reach 18 percent by 2021. Cloud services are popular with businesses because of their scalability and flexibility.

  1. E-commerce sales will grow even more

Only the e-commerce industry grew significantly throughout the pandemic. As the epidemic diminishes, online sales continue to rise. Online sales will account for 22% of all retail sales by 2023, according to Statista.

  1. Eastern Europe will take a larger share of the outsourcing business.

Eastern Europe will become even more attractive to outsourcing companies in the future. Annual growth in outsourcing companies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) ranges from 20% to 25%. Growth in the global economy was a meager 5%. CEE talent is still more affordable and highly trained than its western counterparts.

  1. Full-stack developers are in great demand

The need for full-stack developers is still strong. They are well-versed in every program facet, from the user interface to the databases and underlying technology. The agility and adaptability that full-stack developers possess stems from their comprehensive knowledge of both apps and development as a whole.

  1. Artificial intelligence will grow in popularity

eCommerce will be increasingly more reliant on AI in the future. We’ll see a lot more AI-powered advances in eCommerce and other software development in the future. This allows customer care representatives to devote their time to more complex issues and specialized assistance.