Daily, thousands of new websites are launched, and this trend doesn’t seems to be slowing down. These websites are typically built by using programming languages, and selecting one might be challenging. PHP is a household name programming language in website development. A survey by W3Techs reveals that PHP controls 78.8% of all websites. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

Advantages of PHP

  • It is open source – This allows programmers to learn faster and develop cutting-edge solutions as soon as possible.
  • It is scalable – A website’s ability to withstand and handle increasing traffic as it grows and extends to more servers.
  • It has so fast – Processes data quickly using its personal memory.
  • It is secure- Based on the experience of the developers.
  • It is not expensive- No additional costly software to deal with while integrating a variety of options at no charge.
  • It allows custom options­- unlimited custom options giving each developer to create at his or her own and the client’s taste.

Most Popular Websites that use PHP

  • WordPress- a free content management system
  • Wikipedia- an online encyclopedia
  • MailChimp- an e-mail marketing service
  • Etsy- an e-commerce platform
  • Slack- a communication platform

PHP and its Framework

As part of the PHP framework, you can find admin panels, customer relationship management systems, web socket servers, profilers, etc. They provide an ecosystem that simplifies and speeds up PHP development.  This is necessary due to the rapid advancement of web technologies with more interactive features, designs, and richer functionality. You can move beyond Content Management systems like WordPress and engage much in anything as you combine a library of your selection with a framework that best suits the task at hand.

  Use PHP for Web Development

  • PHP is more efficient and can handle different tasks while staying user-friendly and cheap. PHP is the best choice for commercial projects due to its light syntax and quick onboarding.
  • Developing websites with PHP is always more efficient and faster because it takes less time to complete a project, allowing you to reach your target audience more quickly.
  • PHP programmers are available in greater numbers than any other programming language. Hourly rates of PHP developers are 15% less expensive than that of python and ruby developers, making it cheaper.
  • PHP supports various databases, including Inform, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, SQL, Oracle, DB++, Paradox, IBM-D22, FrontBase, Cubrid, FireBird or Interbase, Mongo, etc.

Relevance of PHP in 2022

A huge community of developers uses PHP because it is convenient, easy to learn, has many useful libraries, and has detailed documentation. The language PHP might be considered old by some, but in general, it is considered to be one of the best. It can be used in any industry and stays in demand by companies constantly.


When choosing a development language, consider both pros and cons. Using PHP, you can build any kind of website in 2022, starting with landing pages, and simple WordPress websites and ending with complex platforms like Facebook. PHP’s flexibility, native functionality, multiple integration options, and high speed make it a popular choice for web development.