Many small businesses owners choose to promote their business mainly on Facebook, but creating and managing a profile should not be the first choice when it comes to advertising. Find in this article why your business will be better if it has a website.

More than 60% of the consumers engage with the businesses on their websites

Consumers use two forms of media to find local businesses: one is search engines, but right after that the company websites are the ones to own the information.

Even though it is thought the variety of media would decrease the website use, studies show that the website usage rate increased in the last two years. Websites value will continue to grow, despite the growth of media.

Top organic factors for SEO are related to websites

There is an insignificant percent of the consumers who never used search engines to find a local business. More, almost 70% search for a business at least six times a year.

The top 10 factors for appearing in organic Google search results are related to the business’s website. To name a few, these factors include how authoritative your website is, based on who is linking to your site, how many third parties are linking to you and the quality and relevance of your content.

Even though these factors can be fulfilled on a Facebook page, for example, in reality, thing don’t stay like that. And the biggest factor is the authority of the website, which is very hard to achieve in social media.

Google map results are influenced by websites

The proximity of your business to the searcher has a big impact. But a complete Google My Business profile won’t guarantee you will show up in map results. Being listed for your business category doesn’t mean you will show pu in your geographic area.

Some of the factors that affect organic SEO rankings are essential for map results, too. Also, having a location-based information on your website and linking it to a source from Google My Business profile can help increase the local search results.

Some customers won’t consider a business wothout a website

If it happens that somebody finds you on Facebook or reads your review, it doesn’t mean it is enough and they don’t want to see your website anymore. In fact, users look for multiple sources before making a purchase decision.

On average, consumers use approximately three sources before making a decision. And almost 30% won’t consider your brand if there is no website for it.

For almost half of the customers, a website is the biggest determination for trusting the company

One big online reputation comes from the website. Consumers look for the website’s design, layout and typography. Besides listings and reviews, on your website you talk about yourself. On social media platforms, you can still talk about yourself, but you are limited and the format the information is presented to the customers is the same for everyone.

The website reflects your identity. It allows your customers to form personal opinion about the quality of your business, about your trustworthiness. Especially for services, the website is the product image.

It is important for business owners to understand the importance of data and see that the insights show we should not sacrifice the websites in favor of social media platforms.