Android is a dominant platform in a continuously increasing market and your business needs dedicated specialists who have a deep understanding of programming and design. Mobile application development is in high demand, also more and more companies are taking the step in the mobile-first approach. More and more work is needed to ensure that your apps gain recognition from the users. And the users are more and more perfectionist nowadays.
The technologies are evolving and exciting new devices are popping up all over the world, and there is a high demand for developers, too. In fact, it’s a wonderful time to be an Android developer, but the challenges become more high-level, aswell.
When hiring an Android Developer for your team, the general required skills will be posted in a list in this article. Depending on the challenges, more and more requirements will appear in time, but this list should be a starting point:

1. Java
Java is the backbone of any Android application, so a solid knowledge in this area is required. Programming structure and basic syntax is needed. Control structures, loops, lists, class methods vs. static methods, variables, Java SDK. This programming language is continuously evolving, so continuous learning is a must, too.

2. Android SDK
SDK means Software Development Kit. In basic words, this kit is a bundle of code libraries that helps your Java application to use specific Android phone features. For example, the accelerometer or the camera.
What does an Android Developer have an understanding for in this case?
– user input
– the lifecycle of various activities
– getting data from the web
– storing the data
– basic knowledge of layouts and views
– Android documentation and various resources

3. Cross Platform Capabilities
Google and Apple are constantly playing the cards on closing the bridge between the applications. Knowing how to do the cross platform game for your apps will put you ahead of your competitors, because you will have an increased user base, not a segmented one, using just an Android platform. Skill needed here? A plan for cross-platform when your developers being the app building.

4. API use
The Android developers are expected to be able to work with 3rd party APIs or even their own API. JSON/REST or XML/SOAP APIs are top of mind in these situations.

5. Localization
When you are thinking about building your app, your first concern is making this app get ahead of your competitors apps. Thinking locally or regionally, the development skills needed are translating and tailoring. The translating part is rather easy, you just… translate in the language needed for your app. Tailoring is more complex, but let’s give an example. The app in your country is connected to Facebook or Google for more usability. But what if you are developing an app for the asian region? Their tie-ins are not with these popular social platforms, theirs are different. Integrating with Baidu or Weibo is a requirement, and your developers must be well documented on this.

6. Back-end Skills
Often and now, Android developers must hone their knowledge in the back-end area, too. Using their abilities in back-end technologies like Django, NodeJS, .NET etc puts them ahead when entering the game of making your business thrive.

7. Passion
Sure, a non-technical approach, but aren’t we all searching for those motivated and passionate employees? Dedicated to their skills, in constant learning and making the best out of their work, passionate people stand out in an evergrowing market of developers. Creating and learning new things makes your team improve and collaborate for your organization.