A Microsoft production, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. Its concept is meant to help small to medium companies, as well as local branches of international enterprises and is most efficient in domains as supply chains management, finance, e-commerce, analytics and even customer relationship management. Beside that it can come in handy if your company is specialized in sales, marketing, HR or manufacturing and can provide support for your project management, warehouses management and distribution.

The great thing about Dynamics NAV is that it is easy to personalize, use and manage. It helps your business increase productiveness without disrupting the day-to-day routine.

If your enterprise activates in one of the domains mentioned above or you feel there is space for improvement for the tools you use on a daily basis, here are six reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


  • You can access it anytime – it doesn’t matter if you are at your desk, in town or at home, now you can share anywhere: with apps for tablets or phones. Now, you can have control over what happens all the time and you will stay connected.
  • Smart business management – make more space for important topics for the business and can put the recurring tasks on automatic. Prioritise and maximize. Get the best out of every project.
  • Reduce the risks – NAV offers you the power to control the business finances. All expenses and invoicing are implemented and this way, the frauds are reduced. Know every minute that your money are safe.
  • Flexibility – Dynamics NAV comes with flexible solutions. You can easily upgrade, add users or make changes. And more importantly, it is available in the cloud, meaning it is easier for you to move the database. Flexibility is one important asset for a fast growing company.
  • Easy to use  – with an interface similar to other Microsoft products (Word, Outlook), NAV is easy to use and integrate conveniently. Your employees won’t find any difficulty in using this software.
  • Secure and scalable CRM – EU network of Microsoft runs the databases; this way, they are secured by numerous safety  elements, networking equipment and best servers. All these contribute to a decided and scalable platform.


The ERP solution will fulfill a big part of your business issues, so deciding for an ERP software solution for yours can make a great difference. It improves access to real time data and can be the key to your success.