It is very important for us when one of our clients is launching the website platform and the help we provide for its building. But launching is only a little step for the online presence of your business. Once you created a website, it will need continual supervision and proper updates.

There are certain aspects you must take care of and you should take in consideration investing in your business’ website from time to time. Pay attention to:

The rank based on search engines – everybody is aiming for the first page of a search engine. It is easier to win a place if the website is constantly updated, because search engines recognize these website as those who give proper and updated information to the customers. Also, in time links can become broken and if they don’t get fixed, search engines tend to give small rates to your website.

The way people appreciate your website – human behaviour shows that if people see the information on the website is outdated, it is likely to believe your business no longer exist.

Interlinking – new content and more important exclusive information is more shared than the usual ideas. People link this kind of articles to their websites. And it is good for SEO. But if the content was written years ago, interlinking won’t happen that often.

So you made an idea about why it is so important for your website to be up to date. Below, we will try to explain what we can do together to keep your business up and running in online.

There is no perfect website yet. You can have broken links, 404 Errors or can mis media content. It is important for us to check our customer’s websites regularly and fix the matter as soon as possible, so the website won’t lose the ranking by search engines.

Updating the website content is vital. Beside a regular blog with related content, your website needs renewed information in sections as homepage, testimonials and contact.

We talked about content, but let’s not forget about the design. No matter how great the information on the website will be nothing for your audience without a modern web design. First impression matters and on it depends if the visitors will return or no.

In the following paragraphs, we will describe the main tasks we have in order to keep a website up to date.

No broken links – they made the information (or even the website) inaccessible. Search engines don’t like broken links, so they will try to make it almost impossible to reach them, but this is bad for the ranking. It happens, links get broken, but our duty is to check and fix them as soon as possible.

Updates on website engine and plugins – another matter is to keep the software updated. In the case your website runs with the help of a CMS (Content Management System) or an e-commerce engine, they need to be updated every time a new version appears.

A blog – your business needs a blog category. It helps you make the website more appealing and it also helps you gain a better position in search engine results. Make sure you have at least one article a week.

Updated contact and personal information – sometimes, detail change. Make sure your customers can reach you easily. Don’t forget about other section as “About Us” or “Team”.

Testimonials, testimonials and testimonials – if customers appreciate you, let everybody know. Nothing builts your trustworthiness better than what people think about your business.

Analytics – together with usability testing will show you where you should change something in order to make your website more welcoming.

There is a lot to say about the advantages of an updated website, especially when you want to maximize your online profit. Give us a sign and let us help you have the best version of your business through your website.