When you first started your WooCommerce website, you surely focused on how to get the most out of it. But many users use the default store theme and never look back.

In this article, you will find how to maximize your sales by using a WooCommerce product list view plugin.

What this kind of plugin does is take the products and make a list or a table base on the layout.

The most simple way to use this plugin is to create a list with the name of the items. But there are more progressive approaches where you can make complex tables with filters and columns.

The main difference between using the default layout and using this kind of plugin is that your products will appear in a list instead of side-by-side and this will bring more sales.

List more products per page

By using a Woocommerce product list view, you will get more structured content so you can show more products using less space. Your customers will find more products in less time without stumbling upon pages. Having a good experience, they will spend more time on the website, therefore chances are they will buy.

Include more product data in the list

The basic use for this plugin is to create a list with the name of your products, and that works for some types of products. But when customers need to know more than just the name, you can introduce more columns with images, price, description, so the customer understands and buys it.

Customers can find products more easily

When you create a flexible list view, you can add filters for products or keywords. This way, your users can find exactly what they need even though you have a lot of products in store. A plugin lets them search based on categories, tags, and attributes.

Allow quick ordering directly from the product list view

You can transform the list directly into an order form. Simply add an add to cart column and the customers can place the order staying on the same page. This is quicker and will surely increase sales.

What Is Next?

As you can see, you can do many things with the right plugins. If you want to increase sales, change the way you display products or the checkout page, all these may be way simpler than you think.

Do you want to make this changes, too? Let’s see how our dedicated team can make your WooCommerce shop even better and get more sales.