WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that allows your site to sell. It was built to blend with WordPress and the most beautiful part is that it gives you both as a programmer and the owners of the online shop total control.

It appeared on the online market more than four years ago and its purpose was to integrate all the benefits of Virtuemart or Magento platforms into one plugin.

It’s one of the most used and trusted plug-ins for online selling, and this is proven by the number of active installations and reviews.

So, why use WooCommerce?

Well, because if not everyone, a vast majority of businesses is using it. If it sounds like a shallow reason, but statistics show that WooCommerce is in continuum growth and more than 43% of all the online stores are using WooCommerce.

After this logical reason, in the following lines we will present the other options and abilities that WooCommerce is useful, as well, because they are game changers and any business owner who wants an online store should aknowledge them. Here they are:

WooCommerce is Multilingual – WooCommerce allows you to choose your language depending on the online store audience; Romanian language is one of the choices you can make;

It is Mobile-friendly – WooCommerce is also compatible with your mobile phone;

Reporting – this option makes you watch and analyze sales statistics;

Extensions – this helps you deliver products and gives you the chance to coordinate and track orders;

Integration – whether you want to sell a product or service, this plug-in feature helps you achieve your online store’s goal;

Payment Gateways – this option allows you to accept payment for your products. WooCommerce is compatible with over 100 such payment gateways (ex: PayPal, Authorize.net, Amazon, Stripe, FirstData, etc.).

Trust Source Code – WooCommerce was built by WooThemes team. WooThemes is one of the most popular WordPress plugin and themes, and the relationship between the two is a productive one, and the results speak for themselves. (two years ago Woocommerce was bought by Automattic, the guys who created the WordPress platform);

What kind of products can I sell with an e-commerce made with WooCommerce?

Any kind of products can be marketed with an online store based on WooCommerce. From physical products to be shipped to buyers, to virtual products such as downloadable services and products such as e-books, pdfs, mp3s, illustrations, etc.

Where can I sell with WooCommerce?

With an online store based on WordPress, you can sell to buyers around the world.

What kind of payment methods are available with WooCommerce?

Through WooCommerce, both online and offline payments can be accepted by activating and configuring pay-as-you-go payment channels.