Black Friday is always about the best deals of the year. On that day, your business’ website gets the most visits than on any other day. Any business owner should be aware and make sure the site can deal with an unusual traffic. If the customers can’t smoothly navigate on it, they will most likely give up and search somewhere else. That day can bring important incomes and if your website is not ready, the business will suffer. Let’s work together with our website developers and update your website so you will be ready for this event.

First thing first, testing the website performance

Nobody likes pages that take too long to load. And your customers feel the same. So the first thing to do is to test the website performance. Most likely, if they are not satisfied with the website’s performance, the guests will abandon their carts and go to your competition. How can we avoid this situation? Loading tests. Our experience tells us that many companies avoid testing because of the costs, but now these costs are not that high, thanks to the cloud based load testing solutions. And what is more important, the cloud can help us follow in footsteps of the local customers or customers from all around the world. How it works? First, we will run some tests imitating typical user behaviour like searching, adding products to cart or checkouts, then we will look at the numbers from the last Black Friday and rise the number of customers, taking in consideration the sales strategy is way better this year.

Intended crash

Testing is to make sure the potential customers will have a smooth journey on your website, without feeling a slow down. But what if we see how much stress your website can handle? What is the limit when your website will crash? Like in the case of loading testing, stress testing is often ignored by the business owners. But think smart. It is important to see what are your website’s limit if you don’t want it to crash on the most important day of the year. There are things no analyst can predict: like some other website suggests one of your products in an article or a celebrity shares something from your offer with the fans. You must stress for success.

The season to be jolly

On Black Friday, customers shop for everybody. First thing first, they buy the items they don’t afford in any other period of the year, but another part of their budget goes to buying presents. On Black Friday, orders will be intricate, because customers will choose to ship to more than one address, so we better include this task in the tests, too. And as everybody prepares for celebration, maybe you want some special design for your website or special categories. Even though you didn’t do this until now, we recommend you ask for advice, especially knowing that a personalized website increases sales.

All in all, your business success can come at any time, so you must be always ready. We all know at least one business that gained success over night and you must be ready, apart from Black Friday.