If you’re asking yourself how to put all the chances on your side to succeed your collaboration with a developer, here’s your article and the necessary steps to get the best collaboration.

We’ll give you 5 tips to collaborate simply and effectively.

1. Describe a clear mission framework

Create a responsive website, make a multiplayer game for mobile… Whatever the project in perspective, framing the scope of the mission remains an essential step for successful collaboration with a developer.

In addition, defining the terms of the assignment will help the project leader to move forward with the client, the design team, the technical team, and the chosen developer, whatever it may be. For a short-term mission, you do not need time-consuming specifications. Verbally or in writing, formulate the main elements:

– the purpose of the mission,

– the precise description of the expected deliverable,

– the duration of the mission or the schedule of tasks.

2. Write a contract

After acceptance of the quote or after a verbal commitment, you are free to draft a legally binding contract between the parties. A written pact that definitely seals the collaboration with a developer!

3. Keep in mind reciprocal commitments

In the end, IT freelancers are committed to:

– the delivery of a concrete result according to the planned deadlines,

– be responsible for the content.

In turn, the client is subject to common law obligations.

An obligation of information

It must provide the developer with useful information for the accomplishment of his mission.

An obligation of collaboration

It is required to implement the necessary conditions for the success of the mission. By granting access to the company premises, by providing the test elements, but also by encouraging exchanges between the freelance developer and the company’s employees if necessary.

A reception obligation

In the end, it must acknowledge receipt of the deliverable in order to accept or reject it.

4. Bet on the “test project” to succeed in your collaboration with a developer

In the first collaboration with a developer, companies sometimes offer a project without major issues. It serves as a skills test to measure the potential of developing. An exercise is also relevant to ensure the ability to collaborate on both sides. This first mission constitutes a useful yardstick to gauge the requirements of the company, its expectations and the investment to be considered for future missions.

5. Maintain regular contact

Corporate social networks

Bet on corporate social networks like Slack or Yammer. Essential tools to maintain the link between the mission coordinator and the programmer and, if necessary, to establish contact with other freelance computer trades, such as technical teams and design teams.

Oral communication

Are you more comfortable speaking than writing? Opt for:

– a call,

– a video conference with the other actors of the project,

– a meeting in real life for a lunch or a coffee.

In addition, if the project allows it, plan intermediate steps: a simple and effective way to check that freelance and project leader are in phase.

Do you want to work with a successful developer in every way? We’re open for talks and providing with the best details for a perfect collaboration.