If you’re looking for one of the best solutions that is used nowadays for e-commerce project development, specially applied in shopping and giving multiple technological abilities, the choice can be right-on: Hybris. Vodafone, Samsung, Adidas, Nike are the best market leaders that are known users of Hybris. Other companies are already choosing Hybris development and are migrating it from other e-commerce platforms. Recently, Hybris has been acquired by SAP and that brought more features to the platform, functionality, and capability of the technology in the future.

  1. At the beginning of 2016, Hybris is the leader of the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, a top by Gartner, Inc. Its technology grants businesses with the ability of using accelerators for B2C, B2B, Hybris Commerce China Accelerator (for the chinese markets).
  2. SAP Hybris makes it that way that the businesses can connect with the customers anywhere they are and brings efficient communication with new channels and touchpoints. It offers multi-vendor, multi-language opportunities and multichannel campaign management.
    SAP Hybris is positioned in 2017’s Magic Quadrant report for multichannel campaign management. The channels we are speaking of include email, websites, mobile, social media, call centers and also direct mail.
  3. Lots of big data streams? Hybris can make businesses handle and cope with this stuff, and examples in this case large telecom providers. Hybris’ design can manage high traffic of oriders and processes of large B2C companties, applied by its persistence layer which stores and retrieves database data. In case of intense demands, Hybris Commerce can make businesses handle and support a throng of customers and products in real time.
  4. Interaction with your custommers on a multitude of channels and delivering relevant content timely, also creating valuable offers, proving that you know your customers and engaging through the user journey can bring your business to enabling loyalty and satisfaction in the said customers.
  5. If you’re looking for efficience, know that Hybris is the best solution for your project  development if you’re activating in the eCommerce department. Used by various globally-known brands,  this technology will help you achieve adaptability, flexibility to many different demands, it offers multi language, multi vendor and multichannel opportunities and it builds loyalty amongst your customers all over the world, whitstanding high traffic and  periods of intense demand.

Hybris is one of the most recommended platforms to make up to date online eCommerce stores at the moment. Therefore, start upgrading your online store right now!