Let’s say a customer is browsing your e-commerce website. Some items got his or her attention and are added in the shopping cart. But then, the order is not finished. Statistics show only 30% of the items added in a shopping cart are actually bought. The rest is cart abandonment. Talking about reasons why abandonment happens, it can be because the customers are only window shopping or because they got distracted. But often customers expect personalized offers at the end of buying. That step has a great conversion potential.

We can work together with our Magento developers for four types of optimization in order to decrease cart abandonment in Magento stores:

Optimizing the UX

It is very important to simplify the check out process. If the process happens in one step, you will have with 10% more finished orders. We recommend you leave the step of registration after the user finishes the order or totally avoid it. Customers love it when they can easily edit the shopping cart. Give them the option to add or remove and even to modify the quantities or add a promo code. And on the other side, a clean design must come with outstanding buttons like “BUY NOW”.

Don’t lie to your customers. Show them the real price as soon as possible and don’t hide fees, especially if you offer free delivery, create the option of wishlist and make sure the instructions shown throughout checkout are clear. Responsiveness is on everybody’s lips. Optimize your website to fit all devices. Also, your website must load very fast. Make the users trust you. Allow them see reviews, ratings and find you on social media. Also, display security badges, links to your support and even a live chat.

Optimizing the engagement

Each customer matters. Stay in touch while they are buying and even after. Based on user cookies, dynamic remarketing helps you reach customers by showing them ads with your products. Beside ads, we can implement email automation, so you can come back to the customer who abandoned the cart. It is proven that a series of three emails lead to over 100% more orders than a single email. Show your customers what other products they can purchase together with what they already have in the cart. Finally, make sure you have special pop-ups with offers and also some actions triggered by their behaviour.

Optimizing the offer

There are ways to persuade your audience to buy from you. Almost all the customers incline to finish the order if the seller offers the free shipping. Free shipping is a way more powerful trigger than offering discounts. Give your customers various options for paying (credit card, PayPal, on delivery etc.). As we mentioned earlier, don’t forget to mention all the security information, badges and protocols. You can also take in consideration the gift option and a loyalty program.

Ongoing optimization

Having a business that sells online means to always take care of it. Alway stay en garde and measure the cart abandonment. Google Analytics is vital. And testing is also an important factor. We can help you use AB testing and a heat map. Think of all the reasons your customers may abandon the cart. Offer them relevant product description and visuals and don’t forget to thank your customers from placing orders on your website.

Our Magento developers are ready to build together a stronger business and increase sales. Contact us, we are only one click away.