Nowadays, people use apps for everything. Health, games, time management – there is an app that can help you keep track of them. All smartphones are meant to work with apps. Usually, apps let users solve their tasks quicker or they provide a source of entertainment.

What most don’t realize is there are apps dedicated to customers and apps dedicated to enterprises. They have different role and purpose, but they are usually developed to run on all devices and on all operating systems.

What makes them different from each other?

Consumer apps are well known to the world and users download them at a greater frequency. They are usually entertaining apps used for music, social media or travel. But in the same online stores, users can find the enterprise apps – not so known to the public, but with great value for businesses.

The main difference is pretty obvious: some are made for customers and some are used by enterprises.

Consumer-centric apps

Consumer-centric apps are developed to make people’s lives better in all aspects you can think of. You can find them in all online app stores and they have an emotional component. This aspect helps companies reach and retain their customers.

Most of the customer-centric apps have a commercial objective and bring revenue from app purchase and ads.

Enterprise apps

Enterprise apps are simply focused on solving some business needs. They don’t focus on exclusive requests from people, but they rather serve a team or business purpose.

Businesses use enterprise apps to grow productivity and efficiency. Digitalization is happening fast and enterprise apps are the ones to help businesses simplify their tasks. Enterprise apps help employees create a more collaborative working space and also work with more precise data. By using enterprise apps, you will have happier employees and more accurate results. In the end, all these will lead to performance and profit.

Different purpose, same design

There are differences and correlations between the customer apps and the enterprise apps. The UX should be the same. In the end, people use both types of apps. Nowadays, there is not much a difference between the design of these types of apps.

Enterprise apps should be as user-friendly as possible. In the long run and great user adoption, they must be simple and have a good performance. Enterprise apps shouldn’t be boring, so the successful ones are created with elegant designs.

Closing thoughts

For sure, well-designed apps will help you have more results no matter if you need a customer app or an enterprise app.

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