Team Extension is delighted to WELCOME OUR 2018 SUMMER TRAINEES!

After a competitive recruitment process we are happy to announce that TEN trainees joined the Team Extension operation in Bucharest, Romania to embark on a three-month journey. Throughout the next three month seven of the new trainees will be learning the Javascript language, while three of them will focus on iOS. All of them were tested and selected based on their motivation, theoretical knowledge of the technology stack they will be working in and their overall desire to have a career in one these technologies.

A senior developer on Frontend/ Javascript and a senior iOS developer will work together with the trainees and guide them through the process of the training program. There will be testing after specific modules and some of the testing will be eliminatory.

During the three-month the trainees will have the opportunity to not only learn a programming language and develop within the organization, but hopefully also become part of the ever-growing Team Extension family.

A warm THANK YOU to the mentors who will be dedicating their time and making an effort to make this a successful program for every single participant.