AR (Augmented Reality) is the technology which promises the most to the business world, especially to e-commerce businesses.

Different than VR (Virtual Reality), AR combines existing objects with virtual ones. Another advantage of AR is your users only need a phone, not a special device to use your app.

Find out more about what will happen with AR and what are the main business areas where you can use this great technology.

The future of augmented reality

AR technology is accessible to everybody who owns an Android or iOS phone. Study shows that this concept will drastically grow and the incomes will do the same.

As with any new technology, it is difficult to say for sure how AR will develop, but it surely has a great potential. The big companies already work hard on making easy and cheap AR functions for their users.

AR Dating Services

Because people spend more time on the Internet, dating changed and is one of the biggest segments now – daily, millions of lovebirds are looking for their perfect partner. Mobile apps are not unaware of it, there are few apps that have worldwide success, but yet there is not a successful one that uses AR. And here is where you can interfere.

Sports Apps

Sports are one of the main hobbies for people and real supporters are dedicated to it. There are supporters who like to be in the middle of the action, going to the games, and there are people who like to watch it on screen, at home, close to the fridge.

For the last ones, AR can show them all the details from the commenters, like the speed of the ball or its trajectory.


Probably the happiest people since AR became a thing, marketers and their creativity can make a lot of apps to create engagement and secure some users for their product. Soon enough, people will walk through the clothes in a store and see on their phone screens all the details of the piece.

AR makes things interactive and fun, especially for kids that are fascinated by these new features.


Besides clothes, that are the fun part, there comes a moment in everybody’s life when it’s time to buy a new sofa. But how can you tell if it fits in your living room? And how can you know it matches the other objects in the room?

The costly way is an interior designer, but the cheap way would be an AR app that will put the sofa where you want without bringing it home.


Apps for medicine are growing now, and they are useful to doctors while talking to the patient. Now, the doctor has the option to show the patient a 3D picture of the MRI.

Medicine is the second big industry to use AR, right after gaming.


Just like the furniture, you can use a landscaping app to see how your next house will look like. These AR apps can help you make measurements and calculate the price.

Here, AR saves you a lot of trouble, because you are working with big measurements that are hard to be precise all the time.

Maps and tourism

More and more tourists make rigorous plans when they visit a city and here is where AR can intervene. AR can transform maps into something fun and interactive, and museums can use this technology to bring their items to life.

Data visualization

Even for professionals, it is hard to understand stats and analytics without seeing them. This is why everybody uses infographics and pie charts. It makes data more easy to understand.

AR is a great tool for data, as everybody uses the information and the designs, so Augmented Reality will give another dimension that will bring charts to life.


Classes will get even more fascinating when teachers will start using AR to explain biology or history. There will be no more boring subjects, as everything will be seen live.

Some schools already use computers and mobile apps for classes, but an AR app will show kids a real galaxy or how a mountain is formed.

Closing Thoughts

AR gives the world infinite possibilities. Every business, every domain can use this technology to make things easier and cheaper. Soon enough, AR apps will be in everybody’s phones, so you should hurry and be the first one to use one.

Give us a sign and let’s see how you can use business for your business and your customers!