In 10 years from now, this planet will be nothing like you see it today. Technology will lead and it will make our lives easier and most likely, we won’t drive anymore, we won’t need liquid money anymore and some of us will give their body parts for electronic ones. All these will also modify the eCommerce world and what is wow today could be the normality of tomorrow.

Automated vehicles

We already have our eyes on self-driving cars, drones and robots. Will they have the main role in 10 years? Now, we still have people to drive the cars, deliver, pack. But automation, AI and hardware will make these jobs disappear. All the technology mentioned above will be the biggest disruptor in this industry. In countries like China and Japan, the plan is to implement these technologies until 2020 so it won’t take long until everybody else will.

In 10 years from now, it is believed that the infrastructure will allow the shipments to be delivered the next day, same day or even the same hour.

VR and AR

If you are into VR and AR, you should see what the predictions for 2027 are. Nothing will be the same in terms of retail. Using these technologies, your customers will be able to touch, smell and see your products. These technologies already exist and they will solve the most challenging part of eCommerce: the customers will be allowed to test the products before buying.

All these changes will have side effects and one of them can be that engineers will be replaced by designers. Why so? Because having the technology, the products can be replicated in no time, it will work like copying and pasting code.

Wearables and embedded technologies

If what we said made you think of what the market offers now, we have to say these devices will lose market share, because they didn’t really bring innovation. How things will look in 10 years? Contactless payment embedded technologies will be adopted everywhere, for example. But not only watches will suffer changes. Our glasses, even clothes and shoes will suffer changes and they will have integrated technology.

Connected home

Voice assistants already exist, but future will bring little to no interaction with digital store fronts. Maybe the apps will disappear, as people will have an inventory management in all the things they own. In 2027, their homes will know when they run out of supplies. Entertainment will also change, as AR will bring numerous possibilities for the audience to interact with the products.

Connected people

The medical system already developed thanks to technology. Prosthetics are based on technology and there will be no surprise if people will give up on parts of their bodies for a little bit of performant technology. It sounds strange, but let’s think what curiosity will make people do. Imagine people ordering products only thinking about them.

It’s 2027 and you have a retail or eCommerce business. Are you ready for the changes?