Bots will conquer the online world. If you don’t believe us, look at the big companies and you will see everybody has at least one bot. Of course we asked ourselves why the businesses need chatbots and how we and our development team can help the businesses concerning this matter. In this article you will find the reasons we recommend you a chatbot for your business.

  1. Better user engagement

Basically, chatbots are computers that engage in conversations with users. This way, business owners can provide a bilateral experience to their users at any time. Chatbots give to the users the feeling they are interacting with a real person to accomplish something. This way, users will find it easier to purchase and they will want to come back to your website. User experience is the one that brings your users back to your website.

  1. Mobile optimization from the beginning

Markets become mobile first and this requires mobile development and UI for apps and websites. But chatbots don’t need this kind of improvement, as they are optimized from 3. Nothing to be downloaded by the user

We know it and you know it: it is harder and harder to make users try and buy your products. Even if you made them install your app, at some point they may uninstall it because of storage problem. But bots don’t have this problem. Because they are incorporated in a browser or an app, they don’t need to be downloaded or installed by the user.

  1. The WhatsApp effect

Apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are no stranger for your users. So the are ready to chat. Because of that, they will find no distress in using a chat on a website and not in an app. So don’t worry, you don’t have to explain.

BONUS! Minimal cost and maximum returns

You know what is the greatest advantage of the chatbots? It is that all the benefits are cheap. Chatbots don’t need too much development and the maintenance is minimal. And the whole process is automated. Now, your business will be the one to offer a tailor-made experience for each one of your users.