The eCommerce businesses are now ruled by Magento and that happens for a good reason. Magento can quickly transform your store into a successful one, and that happens because Magento has all the features to help you optimize conversions. Using Magento, you will simply scale, streamline and stand out.

If you want to be one of the best in your industry, it is not enough to use the basic Magento features. Having a profitable eCommerce implies constant improvement and personalization.

If you’re just starting with the optimization, begin with the main improvements.

Read in this article the important steps you need to take in order to have an optimized Magento shop.

Bring a personal touch

Having a personalized store will bring you more conversions because you will have something that will differentiate you from your competitors. Start with UX, because it makes your users’ interaction more engaging.

Don’t just guess what your users like to see, but rather see their behavior using Google Analytics. This tool will enable you to see what users do on your website, where do they abandon the purchase and where do they spend most of their time.

Personalization means conversational content and targeted messages that will make your users feel welcome and wanted.

Also, don’t forget that your customers can access your website from all types of devices, so make sure you provide the best experience for both mobile and desktop and all the operating systems.

Pay attention to the technical aspects

The technical domain is the most important in the loop because it will guarantee your performance.

The most important aspects you need to take care of are the Magento hosting, an advanced cache and always have the updated version of Magento. More, take care of your server and make sure you have a CDN (content delivery network.

The CDN, together with the server, will provide a good loading speed. The loading speed will either make it or break it because users don’t like to wait. Speed is important all along the journey, from user’s first interaction until checkout.

Talking about checkout, make sure everything works smoothly on the page. The no. 1 issue for cart abandonment is a troublesome checkout page. Customize the checkout page and take advantage of all the tools Magento has to offer.

Be one step ahead of everybody

No matter what your goals are at the moment, it is not bad to look at all the little details your store has to offer.

Show you care about your customers and allow them to read other reviews of the product and provide them with product descriptions. There are many Magento extensions for that.

You can also use the plugins in order to provide a customized experience to each user. Give them special offers and rewards based on their loyalty and see how conversion grows.

Closing thoughts

These are the key actions you should constantly look after, but don’t forget to stay informed. If you don’t have time or resources to implement all these, or you can’t follow the new trends, an outsourcing team can make your website stand out.

With the right strategy, you can beat your competitors in no time. Give us a sign and let’s see how your Magento eCommerce business will grow!