In the IT industry, outsourcing across the globe is a vital part of growth and development. One rising star in the sector now taking great strides into computer technology and telecommunication: Romania.

By the number of qualified IT specialists, Romania is the sixth-largest globally and the top country in Europe. There are over 100,000 qualified specialists and 5,000 graduating yearly, making the IT specialist density much higher than Russia or the US. Its presence in the EU since 2007 makes it a logical and secure choice for development outsourcing in Europe.

A quarter of the IT specialists in Romania are women, which places Romania at the top of the EU states.  

About 8.9 million citizens of the European Union were employed in 2018 in the IT&C (information and communication technology) industry According to the report published by European Statistical Office (Eurostat) the IT sector is dominated by men, with only 17% (1.5 million) of the specialists being women,  Among the EU member states, the highest percentage of employees in the field of information and communication technology was registered in 2018 in Bulgaria (28%), Lithuania (25%) and Romania (24%).

Information technology and computing make up Romania’s most significant growth sector, building on itself by nine percent yearly and expected to be worth over four billion euros by the end of this year. Investment in software development and production has been an essential part of the Romanian economy for over fifteen years.

Cost-effective Efficiency

Romania offers exceptionally competitive prices for software, and it has an excellent reputation for high-quality deliverables. It is not merely the cheapest option but the one which provides the best price for the most valuable expertise and service. Huge companies including Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, General Electric, Deloitte, Dell, Ubisoft, Qualitest, Procter & Gamble, HP, Wipro, S&T, Accenture, WNS Global Services, Intel, and Luxoft, have all invested in Romanian offices. Cost is not necessarily a huge factor for these companies, but quality always is, and Romania provides both.

Over seventy percent of the IT&C sector in Romania consists of foreign-owned businesses and investors from overseas relying on local talent. As well as trust in the service, Romania follows EU rules, offering the same service and stringency for a tiny part of the price of western Europe. As well as this, there are seven commonly spoken languages in Romania, making multinational communication much more manageable.

As well, Romania’s focus on Northern Europe and pairing requirements with staff availability eliminates the problem of time-zone issues and makes it simple for teams to work together across borders.

As IT becomes an essential part of global life, Romania offers long-term relationship solutions rather than a one-off trade. All of this makes it appealing to large and small businesses alike.


The best choice

In summary, companies choose to outsource to Romania for a whole host of reasons, including but by no means limited to:

  • Regional work ethics
  • EU regulations
  • Low cost
  • High skills
  • Accessible time zone
  • The established trust of both Fortune 500 companies and new start-ups.

If you are looking to outsource the IT&C processes in your company, Romania is a safe and effective bet for a positive long-term partnership.