React Native is an open-source framework that can be used for the development of cross-platform apps. Since it is highly beneficial to have only one codebase for both iOS and Android, React Native has become essential for every software developer. Uber, Tesla, and Bloomberg are some of the biggest companies utilizing the power of the framework. 

With similar interfaces on all available platforms, cross-platform development is no longer a thing of the future. Modern UI needs to be consistent on every platform so that the users can feel familiar with the product experience. To achieve this, React Native is your best bet for custom app development. Read on to find out the best types of apps that are perfect for React Native development. 

Prototyping/MVP type of apps 

If you need to build quick prototyping, proof of concept, or minimum viable product, you should definitely consider React Native. 

One of the best examples here is Airbnb, which was developed in React, but in 2016, mobile apps were forced to find a mobile solution with the popularity of mobile apps. React Native was the answer and the starting point of MVP; they maintained and extended the app until they knew their users’ needs and built two native apps for iOS and Android. 

Apps that will be used for a limited amount of time

There are cases where you need an app urgently, but you will only use it for a minimum amount of time. In this case, you will not care about further maintenance – the only important thing is being agile in development and speeding the process. 

React Native is the perfect solution for these types of apps – and this is exactly what Ken Wheeler used for the development of the Reactive 2015 conference app, built only in a couple of days. 

Lifestyle mobile apps

Vogue – one of the most famous fashion magazines worldwide, chose React Native for their lifestyle app, Vogueworld. 

Because it is lightweight, this solution allowed for features such as watching videos, saving images, sharing content, and getting notifications to be easily achieved without being too overwhelming. 

Events apps 

Printing a ton of booklets and maps is definitely not an eco-friendly solution – but using React Native for building an app for your event is! Everyone owns a smartphone, so with a mobile app, you can easily add all the schedules, timetables, and lineups and update them in real-time during the event. 

Another useful feature – you can provide push notifications, so everyone will receive the update promptly. 

E-commerce apps

If you need a well-structured app made from reusable components, look no further than React Native. No wonder Walmart – one of the leaders in the US’s retail market, used This framework for their app. 

Using React Native can save you time and effort and allow you to offer optimal performance. And since the community is very active and involved, you can rely on always finding the answer to any question you might have.