The technology revolution has been undergoing for the last two decades. Handsets, computers, and artificial intelligence are a result of gradual change in technology. Thanks to companies and individuals who have worked effortlessly to deliver user-friendly applications use programming languages.

In the list of best programming languages, Python comes after Java. Programmers prefer Python due to its simplicity and user-friendly. It is also considered by prominent companies like Microsoft, Google, and NASA, among others.

Applications developed using Python


Python provides frameworks that aid in web development. Pyramid, Django, and are some frameworks, to name but a few. For the last decade, these frameworks have been used to create

Game development

Since Python is a simple high-level language, developers can create robust real-world applications. Python is the perfect choice for game development due to its scalability. Python has superb modules, complete development tools, and game resources that simplify the process. Some sample games created using Python are EVE Online, Sims 4, and Civilization IV.

Console apps

Console applications are non-user interface applications that use plain text to complete tasks. Console apps require less user interaction and have been considered by companies that need a quick interface. Since Python is simple and compatible with existing applications, it is the perfect choice to develop console apps.

Machine learning apps

Python’s popularity for the last decade is a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Python is the number one developer of machine learning and AI applications across the world. Superb libraries simplify software development.

Blockchain apps

Blockchain has been trending in the last two decades despite its complexity in development. Developers don’t need to worry about the complexity since Python has developed frameworks that aid in blockchain development. Python has enabled developers to design decentralized networks and endpoints.

Data science and visualization

Handling enormous data is not an easy-to-go task, but you can make pretty cash out of it if it is correctly done. Python has created Seaborn and Matplotlib libraries used for data analysis. Enterprises are turning to this technology to build mobile apps.

Web scrapping

Python is used to create web Crawlers and Spiderbots to create a duplicated list of all sites visited by users. Crawlers automate the maintenance of websites by checking links or validating HTML codes. The suitability and availability of libraries make Python best for creating Spiderbots and crawlers.

Business apps

 Python has been considered to be the best choice for creating e-Commerce applications. An example of an e-Commerce application is the Odoo platform which offers all business services. Python has promoted enterprise development by providing aid to business programs.

System admin applications

Python has relieved managers of the task of system maintenance. System maintenance and enormous handling of data are tiresome and time-wasting. Python is now used to develop automated devices for application management. These computerized devices help developers communicate in real-time with the operating system that Python is operating on.

In conclusion, Python has unlimited uses when it comes to web applications. Python creates all business applications no matter the nature of the business application you want. Compatibility, scalability, and usability are features that make Python better than other languages.