Outsourcing IT services can be key to accelerated growth for many companies. In the past, cost-control was one of the main reasons for outsourcing. But nowadays, being at the forefront of innovation and remaining competitive is the main force behind the decision to outsource.

Outsourcing partnerships can not only provide better cost-per-quality ratio but also maximize business value by keeping up with the latest technology.

Why you should outsource IT services and why you should choose Romania as the destination to do so – read on to find out.

Recent growth of IT landscape in Romania

Over the past decade, Romania has become a tech hotspot chosen by many international companies thanks to its experienced software engineers, tech hubs, and great value proposition.

The academic environment in Romania has been focused on computer science and mathematics for years, and every year young graduates join the IT talent pool. The IT industry is one of the main industries for the Romanian economy, making the country one of the top 20 software development countries worldwide.

It is expected that the IT market in Romania will reach EUR 7.3 billion by 2022. The tech workforce in Romania is the largest in Europe – approximately 119,000 developers, 49% of who are located in the capital Bucharest.

Apart from Bucharest, there are other major IT hubs – Cluj Napocam Brasov, Timisoara, Iasi, Craiova, and Oradea. This contributes to the dynamics of the IT landscape and makes Romania a preferred outsourcing destination.

Hotspot for outsourcing services

In 2019, Romania ranked 28th in the Global Services Location Index which ranks the 50 best destinations for IT outsourcing.

The criteria for ranking include people skills and availability, financial attractiveness, digital resonance, and business environment.

Romania is seen as one of the top European software outsourcing destinations due to providing great value for money, as well as better English skills. The top three countries that choose Romania for outsourcing services are UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Romania is also home to many successful IT startups – with more than 12 accelerators, 500 startups, and plenty of events throughout the year, the tech scene in the country is thriving.

Benefits of outsourcing IT services to Romania

Here are some of the main benefits of outsourcing IT services to Romania:

Skilled IT professionals: Romania holds first place in Europe in terms of IT specialists. The skills in highest demand are Java, .Net, PHP, C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, React, SQL, Angular, and Oracle, as well as more specialized skills like Ruby, R, Scala, Swift, Go, Solidity, and Unity.

Language skills: most IT specialists speak at least one foreign language, primarily English, and 1 in 5 Romanians speak more than one foreign language, including Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Easy access and time zone compatibility: Romania is easily accessed by most Western European countries with a 1-2 hour flight. Being in the GMT+2 time zone, there is no major difference with other European countries, and it is easy to maintain a minimum overlap with USA time zones.