A milestone in the journey of Team Extension

Team Extension’s CEO has been interviewed by Good Firms. GoodFirms is a Washington D.C.-based research and review portal. The platform caters to thousands of users by offering a categorized directory, Reviews, Ratings & Rankings, Company Profile & CEO Interviews to help businesses choose the best software design, development, and marketing services that meet their specific requirements. 

Take a look at the interview given by Team Extension’s CEO, Moe Jame to GoodFirms to get insights into their abilities and dedication sustained for half a decade.

Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the organization.

We are a nearshoring and offshoring technology company based in Bucharest, Romania. I’m the CEO of TE and a swiss entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in the tech area. I started Team Extension out of my own desire to find quality software engineers at a competitive price point.

Opened in Romania in 2016, our company specializes in hiring dedicated developers as well as co-leading projects. Our clients include startups and Fortune 500 companies that are based in Western Europe and in the United States (Sony, Now Music, Universal, CBRE, KIA & many more). Many companies — both large and small — have faced challenges with finding talented developers including candidate qualifications, team dynamics, and bottom-line financials. Our unique solution for hiring top-of-the-line resources addresses these concerns. The demand for highly skilled talent is rapidly growing and in turn causing a major shortage in today’s technological market. This has impacted the quality of application development.

Our Mission at Team Extension® is simple. Discover, Hire, and retain top talent. This allows our clients to remain focused on short and long-term project goals and ahead of their competition.

What is the story behind starting this company?

As mentioned above, I started Team Extension® out of my own growing desire in finding quality software engineers at a competitive price point. Another key aspect for me was reliability in terms of quality and deadlines as well as intellectual property protection when engaging with software developers from around the world.
Moe Jame - CEO of Team Extension Inc
Moe Jame – CEO of Team Extension Inc touring the offices in Bucharest, Romania

What are your company’s business model–in house team or third party vendors/ outsourcing?

As the name of the company suggests, the majority of our clients prefer the ‘team extension’ or dedicated resource model. We make sure to find you the best software engineers and guarantee quality output. We also offer direct placement for companies looking to hire engineers directly into their organization and we do a lot of managed projects for companies who lack either time, resources, or expertise.

How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

At Team Extension® we differentiate ourselves through quality. Our standards are extremely high and all of our engineers are fluent in English and always able to communicate with the client directly. We focus on hiring and retaining individual talent for our clients.

What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?

We cater to all verticals, some of our larger clients are Fortune 500 companies in the automotive or entertainment industry. Some of our clients are start-ups just getting started, others are mid-sized companies growing their engineering teams.

The majority of our clients are repetitive, over the years we have grown teams starting with one engineer to a team of 15- 20 developers. Industry-wise we have clients in the cryptocurrency, esports, NGO, fintech, eCommerce, cybersecurity, AR, and food- or health-tech industry.

Please share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?

We definitely get approached a lot for mobile development projects, as some of our largest accounts are mobile projects and we have a very strong team with years of experience. Other than that we do a lot of web development as well.

What is your customer satisfaction rate according to you? What steps do you take to cater to your customer’s needs and requirements?

According to me, our customer satisfaction rate is 100%, simply because we make sure our customers are satisfied, going back to the quality approach we live at Team Extension®. We do regular feedback rounds and always encourage our clients to communicate any issues immediately. If something does go wrong we make sure to course-correct and make up for it, our approach is definitely customer-centric and solution-oriented.

What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? Is it Pay per Feature, Fixed Cost, Pay per Milestone (could be in phases, months, versions etc.)

We are pretty flexible when it comes to billing structure, most of our clients receive monthly invoices for their dedicated teams, projects are billed on down payments, reached milestones, change orders, and after successful handover.

Do you take in projects which meet your basic budget requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement? If no, on what minimum budget you have worked for?

We don’t necessarily have a minimum budget requirement as we look at every project individually. Some projects we take on simply because we are excited about being able to bring new ideas and cool new products to life, together with our clients. In general, you could say that 30.000 USD might be a good starting point to build an MVP, but it obviously depends heavily on the specifications.

What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2020?

Minimum price range around 20.000 USD, some projects amount to +750.000 USD a year.

Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?

The need for top developers is only increasing, as we have seen during the pandemic. Our company will continue to execute its main mission, which is to help connect top clients, with top developers.